Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love is all around!

It's the time of the year again, it's 14th February today -- The Valentine's Day. What are you guys planning to do tonight? Happy Valentine's Day to those who are going to celebrate it. To those who are not going to celebrate it, don't be upset as you are not alone here. I am not going to celebrate this year's valentine's day as well. What's the meaning of valentine's day? Here are some comments about Valentine's day that I read from somewhere:-

"It's just another day for marketer to sell their soon-to-be-expired chocolates to the public over-priced."

"Isn't Valentine's Day is sharing how much you love your love ones? It really doesn't mean a partner. I believe all our parents would want a valentine's day gift from us. hehehe. So sweet isn't it. No one is a loser on Valentine's Day."

"There's only 1 Cupid and there are so many ppl around...Give him a break, have patience and wait for your turn."

"A day of joy, date, happiness and Love for those who are attached/ got gf-bf or married.. Let them have a great time with their Love! Enjoy ppl. "

Sometimes why do we care about this kind of occassions so much? Why can't we just stay at home and don't bother it's Valentine's day? Everyday can be a valentine's day if you are rich enough to go out for candle-lit dinner and being a santa-claus that will never run out of ideas of what gifts to buy for your loved one. Guys, please read the blog at the bottom which is copied from Xiaxue's blog. Totally agreed to what she wrote there.

"Feeling panicky because Valentine's day is so near?Well, if you are not as lucky as me to be female or single, then I guess you have got to buy some gifts for your loved ones.I hate stupid men who go like, "Eh, you know I love you, and flowers are just flowers, they can't prove how much I love you anyway!" and conveniently don't buy their girlfriends any flowers.Well here's a piece of information for you my dear boys...It's a secret...Girls do not actually like flowers.I KNOW RIGHT?! You gasp, but it's true! I mean yes, flowers are pretty and they smell nice, but they are but some dead plants.So why do girls still want flowers on V day?BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS HAVING IT. And not getting flowers means your boyfriend treats you inferior to how the other boyfriends are treating their girlfriends.And that sucks - because every girl wants to feel special. :)So, if you want to make your girlfriend feel like she is the most loved among all the other girls (make her happy and you might get some V-day sex - or not), you just HAVE to get her flowers.The bigger it is, the more "face" she has. :DSadly enough, all the flowers are sold at exorbitant prices during V day!"

Guys, what are you guys still doing here? Go and get your gf a big bunch of flowers even though they said they don't like flowers. Just go and get it....hehehehe


Survon said...

True...though I don't actually know what to do with the flowers after I brought home, still, it's better than nothing....

eh..i think it Xiaxue not Xiexue...

Lisan said...

oh yeah, typo error...pai seh pai seh