Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sigh...I'm back to work after a week of holiday. 1 week of holiday is never enough for me. Time flies...with just a blink of eyes, it's the 10th day of CNY. Everyone was busy preparing for the CNY since a month ago, the CNY just passed without you could even notice it. Had a great one-week holiday. Basically, done nothing much. Eat, sleep, drink and gamble. Met some friends whom I only meet once a year. Had some great chats with them. Came back to KL on Saturday evening and went to 1-Utama for dinner. Walked around and bought this. Nice? That's me and my LKC... hehehe

On Sunday morning, LKC left to Phillipines for 2 weeks training. In the evening, went to Chun Nee's place for a small gambling session...hehehe won RM32...thanks to Cheng Ghee for the "donation"...hehehe. Everyone was a winner except Cheng Ghee...kekeke. I don't think I lose or win any money for this Chinese New Year. That's great...well, at least I didn't take friends' money and my friends didn't take money. As long as everyone is happy, it is more than enough already.

This is the photo that I took with my niece on the first day of Chinese New Year. Oh my god, I look so fat in the picture. Wonder how many KGs I gained for this CNY...sigh. By the way, does my niece looks like me? Everyone says she looks like me....hmmm...

Do we look like a match-made in heaven? Hahaha...I'm too perasan....hehehe. Just too bored, don't know what to put on this blog. Ok, I think enough for today. Signing off. By the way, it's still Chinese New Year. So Gong Xi Fatt Chai everyone!