Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Today, 8th of February 2006 is the 4th year I'm attached to my dearest LKC. The 8th of February 2002 was the day where we went out officially as a couple. It was the first day where we held each other hands. Went for a movie on that night. "Marry a rich man" is the first movie that we watched together. Cannot really recall what else we did on that night. Oh yeah...something to add on. LKC reminded me after reading this blog. He said "Sure you don't remember what we did after movie? That was when you fell into the trap and got cheated by me for four years...muahahaha". It's already 4 years. Time really really really flies. To be honest, we had never celebrated our anniversary or valentine's day before. We never get the chance to celebrate it together...very sui. Something will happen on this day for sure. The first lips were swollen cause I banged myself to the glass sliding door at my home. Luckily the glass didn't not break, if not it was not just my lips got swollen. The second anniversary...we were separated thousands miles apart. I was in Australia on that year. The third anniversary which was last year...hmm...cannot remember what happened. I got Diarrhea or fever or something like that. And for the fourth chance to celebrate it again. We are far apart again. He's in Phillipines now...sigh. What a "tragedy".