Thursday, April 27, 2006


Went to Singapore last Monday evening and back to PJ this afternoon. Though it was a short trip there, but it was a meaningful trip as the last time I went there was 5 years ago. Still remembered that when I first got my passport, the first stamp that I had on my passport was Singapore stamp. I renewed my passport as it is going to expire in next month and the first stamp I had on my new passport is Singapore as well.
The reason I was there is to attend a workshop sponsored by Microsoft. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce MSSQL database to the SAP market. Though MSSQL database has been in the market for quite some time, but it is not as well-known as Oracle. That's why they had this workshop to compare between Oracle and MSSQL. The overall of the workshop is good as I got to know more about MSSQL database and the best part was the trainer was actually quite good looking, though he has a small tummy *wink**wink*....hehehe.
I stayed at the YWCA Fort Canning Lodge. It's not a 5-stars hotel or whatsoever. You must be wondering what's the difference between YWCA and YMCA. The difference is YWCA is for women and YMCA is for men. That's what I have been told but when I was there, there are men staying in YWCA also. Hmm...then why do they have YMCA and YWCA? Anyway, it doesn't really a big matter.
The night view from my room.

Another night view from my room

The day view from my room (look at the road, there isn't any car. It was around 8 something in the morning when I took this picture. How I wish Malaysia's traffic is as good as in Singapore. At least I don't have to get up early to avoid the traffic jam)

Another view from my room. The "high" rise buildings at the back are located in the CBD of Singapore and I attended the workshop at one of these buildings.

Went to Orchard Road on Tuesday and Wednesday night for shopping and meeting friends. It was great to meet Jen, whom I got to know when I was studying in Australia. It has been almost one and a half year I had not meet her. She didn't change much but I guess I've changed quite a lot as she couldn't recognise me at first. Anyway, had dinner with her at a restaurant named Pasta Mania and yum char at Coffee Club (not very sure about the name) after dinner.

Jen-the-Singaporen, thanks for the dinner and the companion when I was in Singapore.

Went for shopping as well and I bought hmm...quite a lot of clothes I think in these 2 days. Bought 3 pieces of t-shirt for LKC and 1 piece for myself from Esprit. Bought another 3 pieces of t-shirt from Baleno. Oh yeah, bought 8 mini-packs of facial masks from Sasa. happy shopping at Singapore though the exchange rate is quite high now. The price actually looks quite cheap before conversion. That's why something it was very tempting when you see something nice and the price looks cheap. But after conversion, it is actually almost the same price or maybe even more expensive than in Malaysia.

The famous Orchard Road


SweetSourBitter said...

You are right about shopping.. you see something which is cheap, like a wallet for 4 pounds.. and you feel sorry for yourself if you don't buy it coz where can you find a 4 quid bag back home? but after conversion, it cost about RM30.. which is still cheap.. but at least you will think twice before buying There you go! girls shopping crazy! ahha

coral said...

nice skin laa.... can develop for me? i'll cheang u