Thursday, April 27, 2006

Birthday party

I was supposed to write this post on last few days but I never got the chance to blog about it until today. Celebrated my birthday with a bunch of my friends (okay...okay...I know it was a bit too early to celebrate my birthday, I was celebrating with another 2 friends whose birthday was on 20th April and 23rd April respectively). To make things easier for everyone and to save our money, we decided to have a joint-party at Shogun Japanese Buffet in 1-Utama. The food was so-so there if compared to Jogoya in Star Hill, but we did enjoyed ourselves there. Here are the photos for the dinner.
Me, Fei Pin, Sharon and Chun Nee (aka Sai Lap Kuan Tuen)

The "family" photo

After the buffet dinner, we went to The Place at Damansara Perdana to have some drinks. Look at the cute duckies. The duckies represent the 4 of us (Sai Lap Kuan Tuen). Thanks to Chun Nee and Cheng Ghee for the cute duckies.

L-R: Sia Lian, Fei Pin, Chun Nee and Lisan

We are holding our own duckie.

Guess this is my only tangible birthday present for this year...*sob**sob*


shu said...

wah.. happy super2 belated birthday!