Monday, April 03, 2006

My weekend

Went back to Ipoh on last weekend...didn't plan to go back to Ipoh at first as I planned to go back on this coming weekend for a long weekend. My plan all spoilt on Friday, due to the "good" customer, Tanjong that I went alone on last Friday. I planned to leave Tanjong at 5pm and reach Ipoh by 7pm. At around 4pm, KC told me that I have to attend a meeting at 5pm to report to them the system's performance as their ESS system was going live on last Friday. That's the purpose why I was there on Friday. Just to stand by in case anything goes wrong after go-live. KC told me that I just have to report to the management that the R3 side of the system is running fine and smoothly. I thought...alright, that's a simple task. So at 5pm, we went to 29th floor to have the meeting with the project team. Instead of just reporting the R3 side is running fine and smoothly, they actually had another problem arose but I wasn't informed about that. I wasn't very sure it was inside my job scope or not. As we were having the meeting, the Functional people showed us the problem and it was quite obvious that it's not Basis problem. The linkage of the ESS system is incorrect. Instead of going to another page after clicking a button, the system shows all the html codes which doesn't make sense to me at all. The stupid IBM project manager kept on saying that "I see this problem as Basis problem. I think Business Formula people should look into this matter". This wasn't the first time he said this kind of statement. On the previous meeting, there was actually another problem with the system. He blamed that it was Basis problem as well. We looked stupid to them at first as we really had not idea on how to solve it. So we passed the problem to SAP to solve it. And now, SAP can't even resolve the problem. They named the problem as "Nervous Finger Problem". Anyway, that time I wasn't sure about my job scope, so I just said I'll try to solve it as KC guessed that it was due to the template problem. So after the meeting, we went back to 32nd floor, trying to do some comparisons here and there. Finally found out that it was really the template problems. Who did the changes to the template? IBM people. I didn't bother to stay there anymore. I left Tanjong at around 8.30pm. You see, my plan all spoilt already. I was supposed to reach Ipoh at 7pm, and I was still in KL at 8 something...sigh.

I wanted to give LKC a surprise as I didn't tell him about my trip back to Ipoh. In the afternoon, I told him that I have something to tell him and I could only tell him on the phone. And planned to tell him that my mum will be calling him at 7 something. So my plan was, when I reach Ipoh, I will use my mum's phone to call him about my arrival and of course he wouldn't expect I'm the one talking on the phone. My surprises all gone because of this "good" customer.

On Saturday afternoon, LKC and I went to a very old restaurant in Old Town to have our lunch. The restaurant name is called Kou Kei and they are famous with the Bei Pa Chicken, fried water cress with belanca and roasted pork and something other dishes. We ordered the famous bei pa chicken, fried water cress with belanca and roasted pork and as well as the fried lala. Too bad, I don't have the fried lala photo taken, I remembered I took the photo of it, but don't know why it's not in my phone. Anyway, the food is great there.

Had a great time with LKC and my family. Seeing Sidney (my niece) is growing bigger and bigger (physically and mentally) everyday is's undescribable. The way she behaves, the way she acts, the way she "talks", the way she sits, the way she plays... is changing everyday. She's just too adorable. Look at her latest photos. She is just too cute...And on Saturday, went to East Ocean Restaurant with my uncles and aunties. Had a very great dinner as my dad ordered steamed "Soon Hok" fish, shark fin, roasted goose, steamed fresh prawn, salty egg crab, beancurd and vegie for our dinner. Very hardly got the chance to eat such "expensive" dinner on normal days except for CNY dinner or some special occasions or festivals.

Came back to KL on Sunday night. Left Simpang Pulai toll at 6.50pm and expected to reach Kota Damansara in less than 2 hours drive. Only god knows why, I was stucked in the traffic jam all the way from Sungkai to Rawang. I thought it was due to the heavy rain that caused the jam or maybe there were some accidents that we had to slow down. I didn't expect so many people actually went back to hometown for the Cheng Ming festival. The jam was liked the jam that we had during the CNY festival. Really unbelievable. Never thought Cheng Ming is such a big festival until last night. Look at the jam. So many cars on the highway. It took me 3 hours to reach Kota Damansara. So tiring.


Survon said...

I think the slogan "Don't drink and drive" is out. It should be...

"Don't snap and drive"

SweetSourBitter said...

I heard about the jam on Sunday night too.My friend was caught in the jam for a few hours just between Rawang to KL. Phew!