Thursday, April 20, 2006


Finally I've got the chance to go "oversea" for a training after seeing so many people had left and came back from overseas training. Well, my training is not really considered as an oversea training as it will only be conducted in Singapore. So, I would probably say, I'm going to "over-the-sea" training, where I still have to cross the "sea" that separated the mainland of Malaysia and Singapore. I should be happy for having such a "great" chance. But I ain't happy. Why is that so? If I were given another chance, I will never choose to go. But honestly speaking, I was not given a chance to choose. I was just being informed that I have to go for the training.
This is not the training that I requested at the beginning of the year. The one that I requested has not been approved and the one that I never expected is always there for me. Why? Why? Why? The only reason that I could find is, it's because the boss has to pay for the training that I requested. That's why it is still pending till now. Those that I attended so far are F.O.C because the partners like IBM are giving out the training in no cost. That's why I was sent for these trainings. Why is the boss is so calculative? If you never give us the chance to go to the training, how can we learn when there isn't any expert in the office who can at least guide us? I know there are many things whereby we can do someself-study, but what will happen if our foundation is not strong enough? Sigh, honestly speaking...I'm a bit of disappointed with the management lately. I was assigned in doing the installation for a new project and another colleague of mine was assigned to take care of the SC project on the last meeting. I was happy with that as I have never done that kind of installation before, so it would be a very good chance for me to learn something new. Though we had the arrangement during the meeting, but things just don't go as what is planned. I was sent to do the SC project and my colleague was sent to do the new project now. Why did we have the arrangement in the first place? What is the purpose of the arrangement when no one is following it? Alright, I'm not angry for doing this SC project as it actually gives me an apportunity to deal with the customers as I'm alone here. Whatever things go wrong, the customers will come and look for me. Whatever things need to be done, they will come and ask for my opinion. It actually helps to build up my confidence level when dealing with the customer.
One thing that really makes me angry is the M-A-N-A-G-E-M-E-N-T. Why aren't they keep their promise? Ok, I understood this is regarding the management of the resources. Since me and the other colleague are almost at the same level of capability and both of us were actually "free" when the boss was allocating the resouces, why couldn't they just follow as planned? Why? How I wish I'm a boss now. I don't mean I want to control the staff or anything, at least I won't be sitting here asking so many no-one-can-answer kind of questions.
Ok, I guess I complaint too much already. Stop babbling and get back to the reality. Wake up, Leow Lisan. You're not the boss, you'll never understand what the management wants. Just do your part and hopefully will be fine.


Survon said...

When you talk about Management, it's actually the Business itself. And when we say Business, it's about Money. Anything related to money flowing OUT, you'll have to wait till they really think it's worth the money flowing IN.

About that job allocation, probably because they think you can deal with the customer better, that's why they modified the initial plan. Or else, they would really want you to build your self-confidence in front of customers. Either reason, it's good for you, right?


Anonymous said...

Just a word of caution here. NEVER reveal your identity on your blog when speaking ill of your company. All of us are guilty of that but just be careful it might cost you your job.

Don't worry, I'm not anyone from your organization.; nor do I have any intentions of getting you into trouble. Just someone you're vaguely acquainted with from school days in MGS :)

coral said...

at least got training looo... i got no chance to attend any training this year.