Monday, January 19, 2009


As I was chatting with LKC last night, we were discussing about the name we should give to our children in future. I was making fun of LKC's surname, Teh. As most of you should know, Teh also means tea in Malay. LKC wants to give his children some very powerful name. So I gave him some suggestions:-
  • Teh Tarik
  • Teh Ais
  • Teh C
  • Teh C Ais
  • Teh O Ais
  • Teh O Ais Limau
See, easily we can have a list of names for our children in future. I don't call LKC as LKC now, I'm calling him as Teh Tarik's father...kekeke, while I am Teh Tarik's mother...hahaha. Boh liau..
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~


Survon said...

Oooi.....neh, Teh Tarik kurang ais satu! Gao Gao !!!!