Monday, January 05, 2009

I <3 MeMe

Where is your cell phone? On the floor.
Where is your significant other? Not sure. Tried calling him but unreachable. Probably sleeping at his home.
Hair colour? Dark. Just trimmed the brownish ends yesterday...finally.
Your mother? Cooking in the kitchen.
Your father? Chatting with his friend at the dining room.
Your favourite thing? dSLR, my PSP, my MP3 player...too many to name
Your dream last night? Can't remember
Your dream/goal? To retire early :)
Your hobby? Facebooking and b*tching
Your fear? Working life
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Becoming a full time housewife
Where were you last night? At home frying ngaku chips and crab sticks for CNY.
What you’re not? A workaholic
One of your wish list items? Tiffany & Co's silver bracelet
Where you grew up? Ipoh, Malaysia
The last thing you did? Updating the previous entry
What are you wearing? Blue top and white pants
Your TV? I watch less than 2 hours in a week
Your pet? Never got the chance to have one...LKC strictly protesting it
Your computer? I don't own one since I started to work 3 years ago
Your mood? Boring. When can I stop working?
Missing someone? Nil. I have everyone I love around me now.
Your car? My super rat, i.e Kelisa.
Something you’re not wearing? Glasses. I have good eye sight.
Favourite store? Esprit
Your summer? I have it 365 days...and not loving it.
Love someone? Yes.
Your favourite colour? All time fave...white.
When is the last time you laughed? When we tried to disturb Sidney on her first day of kindergarden.
Last time you cried? Can't remember
Are you a b*tch? Yes...I am
Favourite position? Housewife
Favourite past time? Facebooking lorr
Are you a hater or a lover? A Hater. I complain more than praising.
Are you genuine or fake? Physically geniune. Mentally fake. I can be good with you but talk bad about you at the back...beware!!
Any vices? Gadgets, Tiffany & Co
Pro life or wire hanger? Apa tu?
McCain or Obama? Neither.
Pro plastic or natural? Never bothered.
Dream job? Housewife

Chris, you have been tagged!


Chris said...

Cool! At least I don't have to think about what to write next. :)

Lumos Maxima said...

oh yes bitching IS fun.

Lisan said...

Ping...remember our chat the other day? It was damn funny weiii