Monday, October 08, 2007

The week that was ... a glutton week

Monday (01/10/2007)
The gang @ Shogun

The birthday boy with his "birthday cake"

Venue: Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant, 1-Utama Shopping Centre
Attendees: Cheng Ghee, Yee How, Fei Pin, Chun Nee, Datin Lala (wahahaha), Ah Moon, Alvin, Chye Cheey, Foosy and myself
Purpose: Celebrate Mr. Cheng Ghee's 24th birthday
Price: RM52 ++ per pax (5% government tax, 10% service charge)
Notes: It was my 3rd visit to Shogun this time and I have never satisfied with the quality of the food there. Anyway, it was a great outing after not meeting them for more than 2 months. Had a great chit-chatting moment and had a non-stop laughing session with the gang.

Tuesday (02/10/2007)
The gang @ Pantai Seafood Restaurant

Venue: Pantai Seafood Restaurant
Attendees: Faye, Juvin, Popo, Manfred, Jaze, Damien, Jerry, LKC and myself
Price: RM300++
Notes: Second visit to this Pantai Seafood Restaurant. The seafood there is very fresh (see the aquariums behind, all the fishes are still alive). We ordered a crispy pork trotters, kai lan fried with kai lan, fresh tiger prawn, claypot seafood beancurd, dry chilli sotong (I think), steam "bak soo gong" fish and soya bean with glutinous rice ball as dessert. After the dinner, we headed to Yippie Cup at SS2 for a yum char session.

Thursday (04/10/2007)

Venue: Shilla Korean Buffet Restaurant @ The Curve
Attendees: LKC and myself
Price: RM46 ++ per pax (5% government tax, 10% service charge)
Notes: I personally enjoy eating Korean meal especially the BBQ. Been trying quite a number of Korean restaurants in Taipan, SS2, Kota Damansara and Sri Hartamas. Why not give it a try at the Shilla Korean Buffet Restaurant, where you can eat all you can.
At first, we were supposed to be having dinner at The Apartment @ The Curve but the menu didn't seem to be attractive. We had "forcefully" ordered our meal at The Apartment, but thank God, the waiter told us that we will have to wait for 40 minutes for our meal to be served. We took the opportunity to cancel the order and leave the place without embarrassing ourselves. We headed to Shilla Korean Buffet Restaurant located at the 1st Floor (behind Vivo Pizza).
This place is actually worth giving a try and it's worth to return there if you feel like having Korean meal cum buffet. They have quite a variety of food served there like sushi + sashimi (don't understand why Japanese food are served in a Korean restaurant), different types of kim chi, BBQ (only beef and chicken are available), Korean dishes, oysters (fresh and cheese-baked), mussels (fresh and cheese-baked) and etc. As for the dessert, they serve different type of "tong-sui", cut fruits, cakes, ice-cream and chocolate fondue.

Fresh oysters

Korean pancakes

BBQ - chicken and beef

Some cold dishes

Sushi counter

BBQ counter

Chocolate fondue

LKC enjoyed the dinner so much

Overview of the restaurant

My dessert

Friday (05/10/2007)

Venue: Pizza Uno, Centrepoint Bandar Utama
Attendees: LKC and myself
Price: RM21 (My Pizza), Alla Carbonara (RM18), Cappuccino (RM7), Ice Lemon Tea (RM4.50), Garlic bread (RM3)
Notes: We ordered garlic bread as a starter. 3 pieces of garlic bread were served in a basket and the garlic bread was quite good. As the name already suggested, it was very strong with garlic and it was crispy.

My half-bitten garlic bread

As for the main course, we ordered a pizza called "My Pizza". It's a pizza which you decide what toppings you would like in your pizza instead of the standard toppings. We asked for salami, pepperoni and smoked chicken for our toppings (yes, we like meat). The price of this pizza is slightly higher than the standard pizzas but what's the point ordering the standard pizzas if there is at least one topping that you won't like to eat.

My pizza topped with salami, pepperoni and smoked chicken

Tabasco sauce
We ordered another main course, which is Alla Carbonara spaghetti. It was very nice as well. The sauce was very creamy and was topped with pepperoni (our favourite, yummy...oh lala~~!!). The spaghetti was just cooked to perfection...neither too soft nor too hard.

Alla Carbonara

Cappuccino for LKC

Saturday (06/10/2007)
Venue: Alvin's place @ Klang
Attendees: Alvin, Chye Cheey, Cheng Ghee, Fei Pin, Ai Ling, Foosy + gf, Lee Leng, Ching Ting + bf, Yee How, Alex, Datin Lala, LKC and myself
Price: RM10 per pax
Purpose: Gathering
Notes: A little bit weird bbq session as we had our barbeque at the back of the house (back lane) instead of the front porch. According to Alvin (the house owner), it's easier as it's close to the kitchen and it won't dirty the house (new house). We had different types of chicken wings (black pepper, chilli and barbeque I think), meat balls, sausages watermelon, mash mellows and jelly. Was a great gathering as we got to meet some coursemates that we hardly met after graduation. After the bbq session, we played "na mi" and cards. Some guys were busy drinking with Alvin's brother's gang. While the guys were busy chit-chatting at Alvin's room.

Fei Pin and Ai Ling

We were busy barbequeing

The gang

Our unsuccessful testing

The houseowner (Alvin) + his gf (Chye Cheey)


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