Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A very "sui" month

Sigh, it's just the beginning of the month and 4 unlucky things have already happened to me. How long is this bad luck going to last? It is like it happens almost every 2 days. Bad luck, bad luck....please go away.

Unlucky No. 1
My last 3 days of annual leave that were supposed to be cleared in next week got rejected on last Wednesday. Very thanks to the so-called team leader who did not approve my leave because they could not find someone who can replace my place, eventhough I have served 3 months of notice. My 3 days of annual leave have now been en-cashed. If I were to know it earlier that they're going to en-cash my annual leave, I'd not clear off so many days. Sigh...few hundreds gone.

Unlucky No.2
I met with a minor accident on last Friday. It blogged about it but decided to remove the post as advised by LKC. That was because the whole post was talking about the stupid M@|@y who rammed in to my car. I did not ask for any compensation although my car's bumper has some scratches on it. Sigh...again.

Unlucky No.3
I have finally made up my mind to get the Casio Exilim Z-77 and was checking out the price in Mid Valley. I thought I was lucky to get a very good deal when I was checking out the price in the last camera shop that I went in Mid Valley. I didn't get any deal that was better than the one offered by one of the shop in 1-Utama. I planned to leave the shop after asking the price and so lucky that LKC bargained with them and they offered me a better deal. So I accepted the offer and bought my camera there.
Didn't manage to test on the camera on Saturday as the battery needed to be charged for 8 hours before using it and was attending the BBQ session at Alvin's place in Klang. On Sunday, I was playing and testing on some of the mode that the camera has, suddenly I noticed that the video recording of the camera could only lasted for 4 seconds. Tried again...it stopped automatically every 4 seconds. What the heck!! Was checking on the settings...couldn't find any settings that is related to 4 seconds. Checked on the manual, no guide on how to set the recording video.
Arghh...called to Fotokem in Mid Valley (where I bought the camera) and informed them about it. Asked me to bring the camera back to them and let them check. Brought the camera back to Mid Valley yesterday and after checking by the staff there, they decided to replace me a new set. According to them, it was because of the software problem. They need to send it back to the manufacturer to fix it. But still consider lucky, as they replaced a new set for me instead of asking me to wait for the warranty.

Unlucky No.4
Every morning, before going to work, I will straighten my hair with the hair clipper that I bought few months back in Sungai Wang. Same goes for this morning. After showering, I tried to turn on the hair clipper for it to heat up. There is a light indicator indicating the temperature that can be set. Aiks...why no light at all. Thought I didn't turn on the switch. Checked on the switch...aiks, it was on. So, thought the switch is faulty. Tried to change to another switch. Still no light. Huh...what happened? Sigh...so I took out the-very-bulky hair clipper that I used to use and turned it on. Luckily this one is working.
When LKC came out from shower, I told him that my hair clipper is spoilt, then he said maybe the fuse in the plug has spoilt already, need to check. So I was praying very hard hoping that the fuse was really spoilt because getting the fuse change is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much cheaper than getting a new hair clipper. So LKC changed the fuse for me and tried to turn on the hair clipper. Sigh, still no light. My hair clipper is certified "dead". Need to get a new one again, which will cause me more than hundred bucks. Double sigh....

Bad luck, bad luck...please stay away from me. In another two weeks, I'll be going to Taiwan. I don't wish to be so bad luck anymore. I don't wish something bad happens to me. Please stay away from me....please....please...please.