Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blogging from Taiwan

Hello all...I'm at Taiwan now. It's the third day of my seven days trip here.I'm now at Hoya Hotspring Hotel. Just experienced hotspring here, which was very nice. Feel so relax now. Went to quite a number of places but I'm not sure where I have been. Everything is in Chinese...you know lar...how good my Chinese is. Well, to be honest, Taiwan is not as nice as I was expecting. Maybe I have expected too much. Lets hope for more interesting places to go in the days to come. Will be going to Kaoshiong tomorrow and require to travel for more than 3 hours. Sigh...I spent more time in the bus than visiting.
Anyway, signing off now. Will upload the photos when I'm back to Malaysia. Morning call at 6am tomorrow. Good night everyone!
p/s: I'm actually waiting for my LKC to online. Damn it...he's yum char'ing with friends now. Kanasia LKC, got feathers got wings liao, know how to fly liao.