Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sad story

I am IM-ing (instant messaging) with our Datin Lala now. She just told me that her sister-in-law (in China) has passed away after giving birth. I'm not sure what really happened when she was giving birth. But according to Lala, she said she could be saved, but the hospital made a mistake. So one life is gone for the mistake that the hospital made. Thank God the baby is safe. This remind me of the baby Y0k San who lost her arm due to a mistake made by a houseman at a hospital.

Lala was telling us about her sister-in-law few months back when she came to Malaysia during the Chinese New Year. Her brother just married her sister-in-law last year, if I'm not mistaken. The marriage is gone in just less than 2 years because of the mistake the hospital has made. Sigh, life is so short.

I don't know how to write emotional blog. But I feel really sad to hear this though I don't exactly know who she is. I always afraid to give birth because of the pain and also the surgery part that I heard from many sources. When I thought of it, I could feel the pain already even though I have never given any births before. It just scares me when I think about it. After this incident, I think I will have to think twice whether to give birth or not. Sorry LKC. I allow you to "plant your seed" on other women but of course through the medical way. I love babies but I'm just too scare to give birth.

Anyway, my deepest condolences to Lala and her family.