Wednesday, March 22, 2006


It has been quite sometimes since the last time I blog. Where have I been lately? What have I done lately? Well, honestly I have done nothing much and been to nowhere lately. Why didn't I have the time to blog? life is dedicated to work lately. Not to say that I'm very busy with my work, but I just don't find time to blog during my working hours and I totally forgot about this blogging thingy when I'm at home. And now, I finally remember that I actually have a blog and I had not been updated it for a while. I used to blog during the working hours as I was a bit free that time. Those were the times when I was in F&N doing the data centre management works. Since I got "promoted" and joining the consulting line, my life has changed not alot, but still changed. The biggest change is of course, I do not report to F&N anymore. I have been running everywhere, from Shah Alam to Subang Jaya, from KLCC to Kampung Baru. When someone asks me where will I be going tomorrow, sometimes I really have no idea where will I be. I'm following Kharthi, one of my senior now, wherever he goes, I just follow. Is it good? Yes, it is indeed. I'm not saying that sitting in F&N is not good. I was under Augustin's protection when I was in F&N. Whatever things go wrong, Augustin will handle it. But it's different now, though Kharthi will still protect me and will handle the customers' complains, I really got the chance to see the whole picture. On Monday, I attended a meeting, the first meeting I attended in customer's place. When thing goes wrong, everyone will try to blame on you. Trying to put all the responsibilities on you. That's what I learnt from this meeting. There's another thing that I found out after working in T**J**G for few days. Manager/ head of department is really useless. When everyone is trying very hard to solve the problems, cracking the head to find out what actually goes wrong. The only thing that the stupid @$$ will do is tried to find where did you do coming in late kind of thing. Oh gosh, this is so sickening. When one of their staff solved the problem (it looked like it was solved at first, but actually it's not solved yet), this stupid @$$ was complaining this and that. Saying that, "ohh, our staff actually solved the problem. Why do we need Business Formula (BF) people here? We are paying BF RMXXX that much of money per annum, and now their staff can't even help to solve the problem. I should tell Hari (my boss) about this. I should ask Hari to hire Yap (the guy who solved the problem)." Oh man, this stupid @$$ is really sickening. Headache...headache...headache. Praying that we solve this problem asap. The longer we stay here, the more complains we will get. May God bless us! Amen! Namo amitabha!


SweetSourBitter said...

It's not simple being a BASIS person.. Whenever any problem hits regarding the system, we'll straight go to Basis.. eheh it's normal :P Good luck to you!

Lisan said...

Thank you!