Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I have been running out of ideas on what to blog lately. I tried to "contribute" something to this blog for the past few days, but ended up nothing has been "contributed". I tried to open the "Create Post" screen for many times, even started to type something, but I ended the post by clicking on the cross button on the top right hand corner of the browser. Why did I have so many things to blog about when I was in F&N? Why didn't I have something to blog about nowadays? What is wrong with me? Life goes on as usual.
I chatted with one of my close friend whom I met in Australia just now. It has been more than 1.5 years I have not been seeing her. The last time I met her was somewhere in November 2004. That time I was still in Australia, waiting for the convocation. She didn't manage to attend my convocation as she came back to Malaysia for summer holidays. After I'm back to Malaysia, I never had the chance to meet her as she was still doing her Masters in Australia. She has been staying in Australia after completing her Masters in June 2005. She came back to Malaysia in the last CNY, but I never had the chance to meet her as I was back to Ipoh during the CNY break. Thanks to the technologies that we are having now. Without it, I guess we won't be able to contact with each other once in a while. Everywhere seems near with the MSN technology. I can contact with Danielle in Australia, Paullie in Hungary, Kate in UK, Wai Mun in Singapore, Frode in Germany, my aunt in Amsterdam and Sit in Korea to name a few, at anytime in any where as long as I'm connected to the Internet and the MSN is installed in the PC. How amazing it is though we are located at different parts of the world, but virtually we are closed to each other.
Can you imagine how the world will be without computers? What will we have if we do not have computers? What kind of method will we be using to communicate with each others? Will there be any substitute to blog? Last time we used to have diary, where normally we will be keeping the diary in a locked drawer, under the pillow or a place where no one can actually find it. Diary is something very personal and you would keep it as secretive as possible. But what about blog? The concept of blog is almost the same as diary I pressume. It's a place for you to express your feeling. But the rule is totally different now. Instead of keeping your diary as a secret, we're now publishing our "secret" to the world wide web which can be accessible by anyone with Internet connection. Does that mean we're more open to share our thoughts and feelings now? Hmm...what's the purpose of me writing this blog? *No-idea-at-all*. Just blog whatever comes in to my mind now. Just a "mou liu" blog after disappearing from the blogosphere for quite some time. The blogging technique is getting worse and worse. Just ignore this blog if you don't find it interesting. Neither do I.


Survon said...

Yup...you seems to be not SO productive nowadays. Probably you've got bored with your current life?

Blog can also be very personal if you put a password to it. But sometimes it's good share your thinking here that you don't usually do in your real life.

C'mon! Am waiting to read more of your posts !!!

SweetSourBitter said...

Yeah.. i agree.. what is life without a lappie, an internet connection, webcam, mic and speakers.. With all these, you can roam around and still get connected with friends and family!

Lisan said...

Survon: Will try to post as often as possible. Just too many changes in my life lately. Dunno where should I start.

Sweetsourbitter: yeah! that's the amazing part!