Wednesday, November 05, 2008

i *heart* Air Asia and i *heart* my LKC even more

I will be going to the land down under (i.e. Australia) in the next August. Still a long way to go though, but I'm very excited about it. It has been almost 4 years now and I miss Australia so much. Thanks a lot to Air Asia X for giving out the free tickets. Yes, it's gonna be a long hour flight from KL to Melbourne and it's gonna be killing flying on Air Asia X, but who cares. I save my money on the flight tickets, spend on the accommodation, transports, food, souvenirs, tours and etc. Will be going there for 2 weeks and trying to cover 3 cities, Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast. Hopefully the exchange rate drops below RM2 for AU$1 or at least maintain today's rate, which is RM2.40 for AU$1 next year.
I *heart* Air Asia for giving out free tickets. It' gonna be a holiday year for 2009. Will be going to Krabi in April for 4 days and Australia in August for 2 weeks. Yeah! Thanks a lot to my dearest LKC for sponsoring all the trips. It's time to work harder now...opps, I mean it's time for LKC to work harder now...hehehe. I'm looking forward to year 2009!
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~


Anonymous said...

total how much for return flight?? yesterday I checked MAS cuz they'r doing sales for 3days & it cost rm3k per pax

Lisan said...

wahh seh...RM3k per pax? I paid RM3K for 2...somemore my return flight is not free. If it's free, return tickets for 2 only cost less than RM2.3k.
RM3K is inclusive of meal, comfort kits and numbered seat. Very good deal!!
Come come come...lets go together. I got everything planned out liao...will publish the itinerary soon.

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. I oso wish but not for me ler. Im checking for my parents only, 2yers my bro neva show up!! but I wonder those free tickets still available?? btw.. this air asia flight is diff frm what we experience before?? is it like mas flight?? cuz my mom tot its same like those kl-penang flight