Thursday, October 23, 2008

i *heart* facebook

Don't you agree with me that Facebook is a very interesting portal? I especially *heart* the update status feature in the FB. I'm not the kind of person who updates the status every hour. I have a friend who updates his status almost every errr...30 minutes or also, until some of his friends are quite fed up reading his status and requested him to update even when he goes to toilet. Anyway, I only update my status whenever there is something special the one below.
I received a call on Tuesday and was very excited about it.'s not so convenient to share what was the call about in little blog of mine. Anyway, I was very excited about it and need to do some preparation for it on this Thursday, i.e today. So, I updated my status as you can see from the screen shot below.
This Ethan Teh, my colleague, was so creative. He thought of the marriage proposal from the line "Lisan is very kan jeung...preparing for this Thursday". It was my fault too by replying his comment cheekily. Friends started to congratulate me via Facebook, MSN and SMS. I had to explain to each and everyone of them that that was not the case. I'm glad that everyone was very happy for me if it is something true. Thanks friends!
I changed my status to the one above as I have been coughing very badly for the past few days till close to voiceless. What I meant by "I do" is erm..."I do need *something*", not the "I do" that you always saw on movie. The comments started to come in again after changing the status. Again, thanks a lot for the wishes.And again, I changed my status to something like the one above. Somehow, people still could relate whatever statutes that I put to something about marriage. I was really speechless.

I was getting kinda boring with all the comments and updated my status again to avoid anymore misunderstanding. Then again, this Ethan Teh could never let me go and commented on my status again.
I could only put a stop full after declaring that I'm neither engaged nor married.

Don't you think it's interesting? Some people is actually so free to check on people's statuses. I *heart* Facebook more.
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~


Joanne said...

Hey sorry...I feel so silly ya know, over all the comments I made to you... *sigh*

Anyhow, hope wedding bells are not too far away from both has come a long way... :)

Angie Tan said...

LOL!!! Sorry that our colleague is so free to be so KPC.... ('.')

Anyway, I think he was keeping track of who is going to get married before he does. KAKAKAAKA

Alvin said...

*trying to control from laughing too loud*

OK ok, he's unique. He even came out with the name MANDY and said MANDY is my girlfriend.

And as expected, I didn't know who is Mandy. :D