Saturday, November 29, 2008

New found love + hate !!??

I found new love recently and that is on photography. Ok, not really new love. I love photography since...who cares, but I've just been using a compact digital camera all these years. Most of the time, I was not satisfied with the photos that I took. I've been admiring photos which were captured by using a DSLR camera and I always wanted to buy one. Been thinking for quite sometime until few weeks ago, I made up my mind to buy Nikon D60. The main reason I bought this DSLR camera was for my holidays in year 2009. I always want to take nice photos of the places/ countries that I visit. Because this is the only way that I get to recall how these places look like as I try not to go to the same countries that I have been to before (well, exceptional for Australia. LKC never been to Australia before).
Well, my photos are not ready to show to the world yet as my photography skill is still suck. Some "lucky" ones got to see it and they commented that "it is good for a beginner". Really thanks for the compliment!! Apart from that, I'm also very lazy to transfer the photos to my laptop. Wait till the memory card gets full...hehehe. 4GB of memory I got, so much space to save. I need to have more outings to brush up my photography skill, be it on day time or night time.


On the other note, I have not been enjoying my work recently. The main reason is because of the festive season. Oh so many holidays in the month of December cum clearing off annual leave. I'm not in the mood of working!! Shhh...hopefully none from the managerial level is reading this, else my year-end bonus will be "tung kor sui".
I need to have a working week like this:-
Monday - 1st half working from home, 2nd half on-leave
Tuesday - Emergency leave
Wednesday - supposed to work on the 7am shift, but only got up at 6.45am. So working from home for whole day until 3.30pm
Thursday - On sick leave
Friday - Maybe will go to office or work from home/ maybe on 2nd day sick leave
Isn't this the greatest working week? Some of you might know who I'm refering to. I'm not complaining...I'm just jealous. LKC told me I can choose to be like this, but I'm a coward. I'm not that brave as I know I'm not an important person in the company. I still need my salary to pay for my own living expense. My boss can give me a warning letter or worse, a termination letter at anytime if I have this kind of attitude.
I tried to perform well in work. I tried to be helpful to everyone. I tried to put my best effort in work. I tried to be co-operative with everyone. There was one time, I got an email saying that I have attitude problem. I was totally speechless. The hardwork that I put for the past one year was effortless. For a small issue that I didn't want to take the responsibility, I received a complain that I have attitude problem.
I tried to be co-operative for one of the project that I undertake as I was playing one of the major role. They relied heavily on me. If I'm not free on that particular week, the whole project will get delayed. I told them to find someone to mirror me on the things that I did, but no one listened to me. It's really demotivating when the opinions that you voiced out were not accepted. I tried to play some politic game here but I'm not sure how much I can succeed on this game. Lets see how it progress. OMG...I'm revealing too much. Can someone please suggest to blogger to have protected post like WordPress?


Going to SPCA tomorrow, hopefully we manage to find a puppy/ canine that we like there. Bro wants to adopt a Rottweiler to jaga the rumah. While I always want a golden retriever or a Yorkshire Terrier. Last time, I always wanted to buy a puppy from the pet shop. But after visiting the SPCA website, I changed my mind. "Why buy when you can adopt?"...I totally agree to this. Anyway, lets see what we can get from there tomorrow.
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~