Tuesday, October 14, 2008

*Updated* Checklist

*Updated on 14-10-2008*

  1. Deposit paid
  2. Home loan application submitted. Pending for approval now. Next thing is to choose the best home loan plan. Chosen Standard Chartered Mortgage One home loan. Non-zero moving cost (aka no free legal fee) and the rate we obtained is the best rate so far...BLR-2.3% throughout. My sis told me that there's a rumor that the BLR is going to drop...lets pray hard hard...hehehe!!
  3. Legal fees quotations obtained. Chosen the law firm in Kelana Square. Going to the law firm tomorrow to discuss with the lawyer on the next course of action. Good news! The house owner would like to acquire the service from our lawyer as well, which means shorter time to prepare and get the S&P signed. And this leads to faster processing and obtaining the keys...yeah!
  4. EPF submission -- not done.
  5. Follow up tasks like signing S&P and only God knows whatelse -- not done.
  6. Keys to the new home -- not obtained.
  7. Furniture checklist done. Budget for furniture done. So far the furniture that we've been eyeing on are still within our budget. Hopefully there will be discount on these items when the actual time comes.
  8. Electronics checklist done. Budget for electronic stuff done. Still within our budget too. Hopefully we may get better electronic stuff with the budgeted money in the time to come. Hopefully more electronic brands coming out with the inverter air-cond. Right now, I guess only Panasonic and Hitachi are selling it and the price of this inverter air-cond is so much more expensive than the normal air-cond. Lets pray to have more followers ya!
  9. Kitchen cabinets quotation obtained. But still seeking for more quotations from different designers. Please provide me the contact details if you know any designers. Thanks.
  10. Renovation budget -- not done. Contractor cum interior designer cum wiring man required. Please provide me the contact details too if you happen to know any. Thanks
  11. More to add-on...
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~


Ah Pei said...

Just a good suggestion for u for air-cond -Daikin (frm S'pore). Have u heard this brand before. They oso come out with inverter air-cond. Quality ok geh & most important cheaper than Panasonic.