Friday, August 01, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Something happened to my family on Wednesday that I had to rush back to Ipoh with sis on that night itself. Got the news from sis when I was watching The Dark Knight at 1-U. I was stoned, I was lost. I didn't know what to do. Called but no one picking up. SMS but no one replying. Finally received reply from bro telling us everything was fine and asked us not to go back. Thank God we made the right decision this time. The journey back to Ipoh was one of the longest journey I ever had, though I was speeding at 140km/hr with my 6 years old super rat (my Kelisa, just in case you didn't know I named it Super Rat).
Home is just so empty and quiet without them being around. Luckily we have Cid-cey-ceow (my niece) to entertain us that night. She didn't really understand what happened, she was just too happy to see both my sis and myself arrived at home.
The night was long, everyone at home couldn't really sleep well. Thousand calls had been made, but none got connected. Finally we were really relieved after receiving the call in the afternoon. Everyone looked really tired. Dad and mum looked 5 years older that day. Thank God everyone was fine and everything solved in the evening.
I wish I could share what happened but my blog has been "exposed" to the world due one of the post, which has been removed now. This is no longer my personal blog. Anyway, thanks to everyone for being so caring especially to my dearest LKC for being so supportive.

P/s: I need to clarify that I didn't cry when you guys called me. I'm having flu since last week. Don't worry. LKC has told me numerous times to be strong.
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~


sabsab said...

what happened dear? hope everything's fine now..
take care babe! xoxo

Lumos Maxima said...

wah i hope everyone's ok. your super rat seems quite reliable :) berhati-hati di jalan raya ok? take care!

Lisan said...

SP: That's why it's called Super Rat. I shall name it a Reliable Rat too...hahaha

Anyway, everyone and everything is fine now! Thanks!

Survon said...

Oh, no wonder u told me u were in Ipoh when i msg-ed u. Didn't realize something was wrong...but good to hear it's fine now :-)

Anonymous said...

hmm.. so sorry that I only get to know now but I'm glad evrything's fine now. sorry Lisan when u ajaked for yumcha last sat we din't show up. if der's anything we can help juz let us know ok? hugzz