Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Dark Knight

So, like the rest of the world, we finally watched The Dark Knight on last Wednesday evening...but we only managed to catch the first 30 minutes of the movie due to some family issue, refer to the previous post here. I think horr...The Dark Knight is cursed lor. Why I said so?
Lets talk about Heath Ledger aka The Joker, one of the lead actor in the movie. His role as a joker was very outstanding and the performance was just superb...I only watched the first 30 minutes, could really tell that he is a very good actor. But too bad, the broke back mountain actor died shortly after the movie.
Next, Edison Chen. Though he only appeared in the film for only 5 seconds or less, the curse is so strong. He was involved in the scandal and tarnished his reputation in the Hong Kong entertainment industry.
Few months later, the Batman, Christian Bale was arrested in connection with an alleged verbal assault on his mother, Jenny and sister, Sharon. Though the curse is not so strong on this Batman, but wtf?
Shortly after that, Morgan Freeman got involved in an accident.
Wow wow see you see. The curse was so strong but it was not just involving the actors in the film. Even the people watching the movie will kena the curse also. You see, I got the bad news shortly after the movie started. Luckily I only watched the first 30 minutes, it was a short period compared to the actors making the movie. The issue got resolved in the next day evening. What if I finish the whole movie, which is 2 hours 32 minutes? I think my family issue might take longer to get resolved then. Not only that, LKC's friend also said so. After watching The Dark Knight, his soccer betting all lost also.
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~


Anonymous said...

hahaha dam funny ler...
I watched dark night liao bout 3weeks ago & thinking back hor, after movie we were going to have sushi & parked our car juz right before entering the restaurant we got a call from a friend & got FFK!! diao!! wasted our time & petrol... we ended having dinner somewhere else. does this consider a curse?? not to say the movie SUCKS! & it's my 2nd time kena conned by this movie.. diao diao diao!!!

sabsab said...

wahhh kam chairrrr? so coincidence? :p