Thursday, July 03, 2008

Something amiss?

Had not been keeping in touch with a friend for quite some time, 1 year maybe. We used to talk a lot during college time until I left to Australia for 1 year. Since then, we didn't really keep in touch with each other. The last I met him was...ermm... in a bbq session at a friend's home on the Moon Cake Festival 2 years back?? Yeah, 2 years back. I tried to sms him few months back to invite him to a bbq session at a friend's place but never got any reply from him. I thought he changed his phone number and there was no way I could get his new number, knowing that I was the only one who was the "closest" with him during the college time in my gang.
He has already been "archived" in my memory until I received a call from him a moment ago. Never expected his name appeared on my phone. Luckily I didn't bother to delete his number earlier else I will kena badly from him. We were just chatting like usual, updating each other with our jobs, life...blah blah blah.
A question asked by him...well, kinda unexpected question from a long lost friend. He asked me, "Are you still keeping long hair?". Long hair was my trademark? Where got people ask this kind of question one, honestly? Then I told him I cut my hair already. Thank God, I changed my hairstyle else he must be thinking...what lah this Lisan. Forever long boring one. Then he asked me to send MMS to him on my latest hairstyle and that was how we ended our call.
I told LKC that this "Uncle" (that's how I called him btw) called me earlier. The first thing LKC asked was for what he called? Credit card? Then LKC said "usually long lost friend will approach you with objective in mind". I hope he called me because he remembers me and not because of some motive. I'll be meeting him for a dinner next week, provided that he remembers our "date" and hopefully he's not asking me to buy any products or asking me to join some MLM thingy.
Why do we have this kind of mindset? Can't we be more optimistic? Sigh...
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~