Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Excuse me!

Excuse me with all the food posts posted lately. Some were actually quite out-dated posts but I was just lazy to blog about it. Besides that, I have nothing much to update. Life seems to be quite boring lately. Working life is as usual, neither too busy nor too free. Apart from blogging on food, there is nothing much I can blog about.
Well, some of you might have known it, LKC and I are busy looking for properties. Planning to get our very first home-sweet-home end of this year. A lot of researches need to be done like checking on the area, the developer, the price, the design and etc. It is not something easy as I thought. We've thought of staying back in PJ area but due our budget constraint, we will have limited choices to choose from. With the budget that we have, we can only eye on areas like Puchong, Gombak, Klang and etc, which are not in our list.
So it is now money vs location. How I wish we're super rich, at least we'll have one less thing to consider. I need to go to buy lottery now. What's the prize for the Sports Toto Jackpot now?
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~


Lumos Maxima said...

omg i've bought so many lotto tix and have never won. probability says there's a better chance of winning at the casino, so go spend some time at the blackjack table. :)

what bad advice from a friend. just saying casino helps you win more than lotto ever would. tapi jangan bazir duit ya.

Lisan said...

SP, thanks a lot for the "valuable" advice. Really appreciate that...hehehe :p