Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bali 14-03-08

The itinerary for the day was a bit more relaxing. Only 2 places were planned for visit. Most of the time was spent on traveling from one place to another place. We started off our journey at around 10:30 and arrived at Bedugul around 2 hours later.
After the long journey, we stopped at Ulun Danu Temple. It was a beautiful temple as it is sited on the shores of Beratan Lake, which seems to rise out of the lake. After taking the photos of Ulun Danu Temple and Taman Ayun Temple, we took a speed boat ride to tour around the Beratan Lake. It took around 20 minutes to round the Beratan Lake by speed boat and cost 80000 Rupiah for 4 persons. It was so breezy and cooling though we were sitting under the sun. The water of lake was so cold. It was a very good experience as I guess we will not get such an opportunity back in Malaysia.

Ulun Danu Temple

Ulun Danu Temple

Kush-kush hota hai

Taman Ayun Temple

Taking the speed boat ride

LKC and LPC at Beratan Lake

LKC and LPC at Taman Ayun Temple
After the ride, we headed for buffet lunch (again!) at the restaurant few minutes away from the lake. Nothing much special on this buffet lunch as we were having similar dishes like nasi goreng, mee goreng, keropok, satay, fry vegie and etc.
After lunch, we dropped by at the Candi Kuning Market for some shopping spree again. Candi Kuning Market is a traditional vegetable and fruit market which is located few minutes away from the lake. Various types of fruits and vegetables can be found like strawberries, buah salak, mangosteens, durians and etc. We bought some local potato crackers, a box of strawberries and 2 pairs of sandals for my mummy dearest. The strawberries only cost around RM2 per box, it is even cheaper than buying in Cameron Highlands. 2 pairs of sandals only cost 35000 Rupiah (approx RM12.50 for 2 pairs), it is even cheaper than made-in-china products!!
After the shopping spree, we continued our journey to most well known sacred temple in Bali, Tanah Lot Temple. We were supposed to witness the beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot Temple but the weather was not on our side. Firstly, the sea was at high tide, which disallowed us from going near the temple. Secondly, the rain started to pour for around 10 minutes and it was so cloudy after the rain. The thick cloud blocked the sun so we ended up leaving the place early. Didn't get the chance to see the beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot Temple *sob**sob*.

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple

Batu Bolong Temple
There is another market nearby Tanah Lot Temple. We walked around the market again. We were too tired to see the same things being sold at all the markets. Seah Nee and I stopped by at a tattoo stall and both of us had a tattoo each, which last for around 2 weeks. I had a butterfly tattoo drawn on the back of my neck.

"Tattooing" the butterfly

My butterfly tattoo...nice!!
In less than 15 minutes, disaster happened to my butterfly tattoo. My lovely tattoo became out of shape. The ink dispersed before it dried up. LKC helped me to wipe off the ink and thank god, the butterfly shape was still visible. Luckily I only paid 10000 Rupiah (approx RM3.50) for this tattoo. The photo above was the only remembrance for my intended tattoo...sigh!!

Before wiping off the ink..."yat pat yeh"

After wiping off...another "yat pat yeh"
After jalan-jalan, we went to a Chinese restaurant, Teuku Umar Garden Seafood Restaurant for dinner. We had crab meat corn soup as starter. As for the main course, we had fried chicken, deep fried fish, bean curd and potato leaves. The meal was so-so only, but at least we get something different from buffet.

Crabmeat corn soup, deep fried fish

Beancurd, fried chicken, potato leaves
After dinner, we headed back to the hotel. After taking shower, LKC and I walked around North Kuta while Sze Wei and Seah Nee went for the 15 minutes free massage. We took a cab to Legian for shopping and supper. We stopped by at the Bali Bomb Blast Monument to took some photos. The bomb blast occured on 12 Oct 2002 and took away 200 over lives, 30% of the deceased were Australians. Next, we passed by another Surfer Girls outlet and saw a fashion show. The models were not those professional models that you see on TV. They looked more like transvestites...oopss.

Bali Blast Monument

The fashion show
We stopped by at the MegaStore at Hard Rock Hotel where both LKC and I bought a souvenir t-shirt each. I paid for these t-shirts since LKC paid for the whole trip...hehehe...less than 10% of the total trip. We headed to Sailfin Restaurant for our supper. We had another luxury supper on that night as we had another lobster (249000 Rupiah) for our supper and carbonara pasta. LKC ordered Green Sands - Bali Shandy, by mistake. I had margarita lemon and Seah Nee had Long Island Tea, 45000 Rupiah each.

Cheese baked lobster

Green sands

After supper, we went back to hotel and continued our drinking session by the pool side. We played 15-20. The next person sitting next to me had to pick up a card to determine how many slips of beer he/she required to drink if I guessed correctly. At first, both LKC and I were so strong. We defeated Seah Nee and Sze Wei. We had around 8 cans of beer, they drank almost half of it. After that, we changed the game and played Big 2. The person who held the most cards would require to drink the beer. In the beginning, we were still leading. There were only 2 cans left and we thought both of them will sapu it as well. Almost at the end of the game, we ended up sapu'ing the beers as LKC got a "13 fried" and I got fried also. All of us went were drunk but it was a very memorable night. Shall organize this kind of activity more often.


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