Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bali 12-03-08


Bird's eye view of Bali Island

Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali
Our flight to Bali was scheduled to depart at 10:25 and arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport at 13:25. Since we were flying on AirAsia --> famous for delay, our flight was delayed for 30 minutes and only arrived at Bali at around 14:00. Upon arriving at the airport, we were greeted by the local tour guide, Wayan. Next, we headed to Casa Padma Hotel for check-in.

Casa Padma, Kuta

Swimming pool
After checking-in, we headed for lunch at Indo-National Bar & Restaurant and ordered some not so delicious local food, eg, nasi goreng babi and mixed satay. LKC ordered Bali Cooler - Lime which was quite nice.

Nasi Goreng Babi. Looks nice? Yikesss....

Mixed Satay. Think twice before ordering

Bali Cooler - just nice for hot weather
After satisfying our hunger, we walked along Jalan Padma towards the Kuta Beach. Since LKC's boss's gf, Seah Nee, forgot to bring her sandals, LKC's boss, Sze Wei, strolled along the sandy beach with her. While playful LKC and I headed straight to the sea. Naughty LKC disturbed the poor baby crab by digging the baby crab out from the sand again and again while it was trying very hard to escape. I was busy capturing every moment and at the same time enjoying the beautiful sunset at Kuta Beach.

Beautiful sunset at Kuta Beach

LKC and LPC at Kuta Beach

The sweet escape
After playing by the seaside, we walked back to the hotel to get ready for the dinner. Along the way back, we saw a garden wedding ceremony being held at one of the hotel by the seaside. Further down, we saw a flee market and Seah Nee stopped by at the market to get a pair of sandals. Since there is nothing much that attracts me at the market, I just took some photographs before leaving the market. Some interesting souvenirs that we found in the market are "kuku jiau" bottle-opener, punk helmet and etc. Along the way back to the hotel, we managed to see shops selling different items such as bead accessories, paintings, clothes and etc.

Garden wedding ceremony *sweet*

Kuku jiau bottle-opener

Punk helmets

Colourful bead accessories

We went back to the hotel for quick shower as dinner pick-up was at 18:30. We headed to Hard Rock for buffet dinner. Sounds interesting? Nope, the food there sucks but the ambiance was superb. As usual, after having the dinner, it was photographing time again. Walking around and snapping photos at the Hard Rock Hotel. We stopped by at the Hard Rock Hotel souvenirs shop and LKC bought me a Hard Rock Hotel Shot Glass. After that, we continued to take photos again. I particularly love the swimming pool at the Hard Rock Hotel. The pool was designed to mimic a beach. They even placed sand on a portion of the pool and also a pool-side bar.

Hard Rock Hotel

This teddy bear is too expensive. So ended up just snapping a photo it

So as this

4 of us at the Hard Rock Hotel

I lifted Hard Rock...yeah yeah!!
It was time for shopping spree after taking photos. We noticed that there were a lot of Polo Ralph Lauren shops. We went in one of the Polo shop and found out that they were imitation goods but the locals claimed that it's original...Indonesia Polo...huh??!! We walked along the street at the Legian there and found out that there were quite a number of branded shops like Versace, Prada, D&G and etc, but you will doubt its "genuine-ty". We stopped at Surfer Girls, both Seah Nee and myself were busy trying out the clothes while the guys waited for us. I bought 2 pieces of t-shirts for 150000 Rupiah (approx RM54).

After the shopping spree, we stopped by at The Wave Bar for a drink. We ordered a jug of Bintang Beer and enjoyed the performance of the in-house band. Spent around 30 minutes at The Wave Bar, we headed back to the hotel by the most primitive form of transport -->the pony cart. The ride cost us 50000 Rupiah after bargain. It was actually more expensive compared to a taxi ride. The ride was worth it as it was a "must-try" for a tourist, like us....but one time is enough as the ride was not comfortable. We were honked by the cars behind as we were too slow and causing traffic jam. The poor pony spitted/vomited when we arrived at the hotel...maybe we were too heavy!!?? or she didn't like us taking her photo!!??

The poor pony that fetched us back to hotel
We ended our night at Wayan & Friends Bar & Restaurant, right in-front of our hotel for supper. We ordered a bottle of white wine, nachos and tacos. We chatted for a while before calling off the day.

Wayan & Friends Bar & Restaurant


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