Friday, February 15, 2008

Another year has gone...

Well, as usual...we never got a chance to celebrate Valentine's Day, AGAIN, this year. LKC is back to KL and I'm still in Ipoh enjoying my CNY holiday. Planned earlier to give LKC a surprise on the Valentine's Day. Planned to go back to KL on Thursday to celebrate Valentine's Day with LKC and follow LKC's car back to Ipoh on Friday...but...I was too lazy and sick. I think I've been cursed previously. I've been cursed to fall sick on the 14th February. I'm having flu now...ahhh cheewww...remember the post I previously blogged about? Read here.
Due to my laziness and also my sickness, we ended up no Valentine's Day celebration AGAIN. Last Friday was our 6th year anniversary. Since our anniversary falls on the 2nd day of CNY this year, that celebration AGAIN! We did went out on that night, but not to those romantic place. Guess where we went? Hahaha...we went to Fook Sing char sat in Ipoh Garden East there instead to have the yummy BBQ lamb and also fried sotong.
After having supper, we went back to LKC's home and *ngek*ngek*ngek*ngek*...don't get misunderstood...we were not doing something naugthy...we played chor tai dee and drank beer...yes, just the 2 of us. I won 3 bucks I think...wahahaha.
That was how we celebrated our 6th Anniversary and Valentine's Day. Well, it doesn't really matter when and how to celebrate the anniversary and the Valentine's Day. What really matters is the love. Everyday can be Valentine's Day and anniversary as long as we love and care each other. Love you heaps, LKC!!!