Tuesday, February 05, 2008

鱼生 (Yee Sang)

What is CNY without 鱼生 (Yee Sang)? It's one of the must eat food during CNY apart from the kuih kepit, kuih bakul (nin kou), mandarin oranges and etc. It's something that I always crave for even when it is not Chinese New Year.

It's not even Chinese New Year yet, but I've already had lou sang for the 3rd times this year/ last year??!!

I had my first lou sang with LKC's boss and colleagues on last Wednesday at Wong Poh Restaurant at Aman Suria. No picture taken, pai seh lah...LKC's boss always thinks I'm siao-siao one, still want to be "suah gu" in front of him meh!!??

On Saturday, LKC suddenly craved for lou sang again, just like the pregnant woman, suddenly feel like eating something. So I invited Faye, Juvin and Kate to have our lou sang at the Oversea Restaurant at Subang Parade. We ordered the Pear Yee Sang + Jelly Fish. This is my second lou sang for this year. For more details about our outing that night, refer to Faye's blog. Too bad Popo, Oi Lan and Sabrina couldn't join us for this wonderful night as it was really a last minute plan, we can always plan for another toss during the CNY.

Today, after work, LKC picked me up from the Kelana Jaya LRT station. We went to Lucky Seafood Restaurant at Seapark to have our dinner. We never planned to order the yee sang today, but when I saw the yee sang "stall" at the restaurant and seeing people tossing the yee sang, my craving for the yee sang "triggered". We ordered a small yee sang with other dishes for our dinner.

It was too much for the two of us and it was actually quite difficult to mix the ingredients together where only two pairs of chopsticks tossing it. We couldn't finish the lou sang and ta-pau the yee sang back home. It's gonna be my brunch for tomorrow, I guess. More yee sang meals to come during the Chinese New Year.

Yummy...yummy...yee sang.