Sunday, January 27, 2008

Teow Chew Meng Restaurant

It was my 3rd or 4th time visiting this restaurant after reading the review of this restaurant in KYSpeaks. We found the food served here was very yummy, but not until our last visit which was few weeks back. It was our first time visiting this restaurant for dinner. We went there for lunch for the past few visits. Nope...they do not have different menu for lunch and dinner. They only serve few types of main course like mee sua tow, seafood porridge and tom yam noodles. As for the side dishes, they serve octopus, mango kerabu, oyster, vegetables, seafood fried rice, seafood roll and a few more. As usual, we ordered mee sua tow for 1 person (RM10 per pax), tom yam seafood noodle for 1 person (RM10 per pax also) and vegetable (RM10).

Mee sua tow

The mee sua tow was topped with some 'fake' shark fin together with fish maw, crab sticks, prawn, octopus, fish and squid. It is best eaten with Chinese black vinegar and a little bit of sambal belacan.

Tom yam seafood noodles

The tom yam soup was made with ingredients like tomato, crab sticks, prawns, fried fish, squid, octopus, fishball and of course the noodle.

Vegie topped with fried onion and dried shrimp

We enjoyed their mee sua tow very much. It was a must-to-order dish everytime we visited this restaurant. But after our last visit, I guess we will not be visiting this restaurant anymore as their quality has dropped. The mee sua tow tasted not as nice as our previous visits. The tom yam was kinda tasteless...maybe because they had added more water to the tom yam soup since they open from morning till night.

If you feel like trying it, then I would suggest to go in the afternoon for brunch/ lunch like our previous visits. Maybe the seafood is still fresh in the afternoon and that makes the food tastes better. Teow Chew Meng Restaurant is situated at SS2, same row as the Lobster Man. They have branches in SS15, Subang Jaya and Aman Suria.