Friday, June 08, 2007

Just another scolding

I hate it when people never return the things that they borrowed from me. I don't mind lending the things but I just hate it when you treat it as if I have given it to you and no plans of returning it back to me.

First of all, the thing that you borrowed from me does not really belong to me. It belongs to my company. I might need to be responsible for that if it's missing or spoilt. No one will know you actually lost it or spoilt it. You think you just gave me a replacement for the thing that you borrowed will actually enough for me? The things are totally different. One is a DVD writer and another one is just a CD writer. I know you need to burn your DVD but at least make it faster and return to people once you're done. Why do you need to take it for a month now and it seems like there's no plans of returning it to me? Do you know that I waited for 10 minutes just to open the player and put the CD in? Do you know I have to wait for another 5 minutes for the disc to load? I'm fine with that if I do not need to use the player but it made me really "tu lan" when I need to use it. I tried to get it back from you once, but after few days later you asked from me again.

You made me really angry when you asked me a very ridiculous question yesterday. "Is your notebook still under warranty?" he asked. I said, "Yes". "Oh great, I burnt more than 10 DVDs and I still have quite a number of discs to burn", he said. What...@#$%&* can you say such an irresponsible thing. You're trying to make it spoil because it's still under warranty?

I don't want to make myself hate you. I start to dislike you. Don't try to turn the dislike to hate, ok? I don't want to curse you whenever I talk about you. I don't want to scold you in my blog like what I did for the stupid @$$hol3 PM I used to blog about. Oh btw, talking about the @$$hol3 PM, he has already resigned from my company. How nice. In future, I do not need to worry about who is the PM for the project whenever I'm being assigned to a new project. Thank God...amen, namo amitabha...