Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I made my first bribery act yesterday ever since I got my driving license 6 years back. I was driving along the MRR2 from Kepong heading to Ulu Klang at around 1.30pm. I saw the speed limit is 60kmph along the MRR2 but I was driving at the speed of 80kmph. 80kmph is a very common speed limit for a highway I think. Anyway, I was stopped by the police traffic in the road block. He told me that I was speeding at the speed on 91kmph and told me the speed limit is 80kmph. I was surprised to hear that I saw it with my own eyes that the speed limit is 60kmph and not 80kmph. Anyway, it's not a matter of 60kmph or 80kmph now as I had already exceeded the speed limit. He told me that he's going to issue me a compound of RM300. He was acting as if he was doing his job. Was walking to the front of my car to check on my road tax and was checking on my driving license. Thinking of the RM300 summon as a huge amount, I tried to ask him for "help"

Me: Encik, boleh tolong ker?
Him: Bayar RM50 lah....
Me: Har...RM50, mahal lah...boleh kurang sikit
Him: Eh...tak boleh. Kalau tidak, bayar RM300 kompaun lah...Kalau bayar RM50 sekarang, kita boleh settle kat sini. Kalau tidak, u kena bayar kat station.

At first I really wanted to take the compound as I felt that I'm feeding some idiot if I give him the RM50 that he demanded. But when I came to think about the RM250 difference that I'm going to pay for the compound, I ended up bribing him. I know I was wrong for doing so.

The salary increment that the civil servants get will actually make these stupid idiots richer but will never change their attitude. You think they will stop taking bribe because of the few hundreds increment they get every month? The bribe that they get can be more than their monthly salary. Why did the government still want to give increment to them knowing that bribery case will still happen? Why did they want to spend money on these useless people? They can just spend the money on subsidizing on the petrol and toll instead. Upset with our country, upset with our people...