Thursday, June 07, 2007

Joke of the day

The news about our Prime Minister's marriage has turned out to be a joke among my project team and I've became famous for the innocent question that I asked when my colleague told me about this marriage.

B: Our PM is getting married on this Sat.
Me: (shockingly whispering)What? Hasbullah is getting married?? (Fyi, Hasbullah is my project manager for the project that I'm working in now) (In my mind, I was thinking...why didn't he inform/ invite us earlier)
B: Not Project Manager...our Prime Minister.
Me: Ooohhh

Another team mate who is from India, lets call him S made a bigger joke.

S: Oooh...he's getting married again? It's his third marriage this time.
Me, B: did you know it's his third marriage? We only knew that he had a wife named Endon who had just past away not so long ago.
S: He told me during the meeting.
Me, B: Huhh...when did you meet him?

Then only we found out that he was actually taking about Project Manager (i.e Hasbullah) and missed the part where B said "Not project manager...our Prime Minister)

It wasn't that funny when all these happen. It started to be a joke when my another colleague went and tell my PM (i.e Hasbullah) about the innocent question that I asked. The part where the India guy talked about the third marriage has been censored as she wasn't sure whether he'll be happy to hear that or not.

So, this morning Hasbullah suddenly came to my place and called my name. He had never done so before. I was really shocked when he called me.

H: Lisan....
Me: (Looking at him innocently) Yes...??
H: you want to attend my wedding this Saturday?
Me: hahahaha....

Everyone laughed and I have became the joke of the day when other team members (i.e those from Indonesia) knew about it as well.