Monday, January 22, 2007

K618i or W810i?

Am planning to get a new phone for myself since the Nokia 7610 that I'm currently using is giving me some problem after using it for 1.5 years. Wanna change to something than Nokia. Am looking at the Sonyericsson now since I've heard enough of complains on Samsung and LG. Have been asking around on the price of the phones, currently in mind are K618i and W810i. W810i is a walkman phone with 2 mega-pixel camera, while K618i is a 3G phone with 2 mega-pixel camera too. So, which one is nicer? K618i or W810i? 3G or Walkman? W810i looks nicer than K618i, but it has been in the market for quite some time already and will I use a phone to listen to music? Doubt so. How about K618i? Do I need a 3G phone? Who will use video call with me? Wonder...One thing for sure, I'll definitely getting a white colour phone for myself. That's because I LIKE WHITE!! Oh so confusing now. Which one to buy? Any comments or recommendations are always welcome!!

Sony Ericsson K618i
Sony Ericsson W810i


Survon said...

Get 618i lah!

It's not like you will use that 'walkman' or not. The question is, do you HAVE the time to use it or not. You have laptop, car audio, etc. When do you really need a laptop?

3G is way much better. First, someone (ie. ME) can video call you. 2nd, you can also use 3G for other purposes, like connecting to the internet or getting other high-end facilities.

About the physical wise, frankly, I can't see much differences in both (based on the pictures).

So, what are you waiting for?

Survon said...

Sorry, got typo message in the previous comment.

I meant, "When do you really need a WALKMAN"

ne3ko said...

Hmmm.. the outlook nt much different..
how bout the price ler? big difference??
mm.. personally. i think.. 3G.. er.. if u hav fren using it.. then ok lor.. or else.. tat is nt really useful lorrrrr.. rite?
for me.. the design n price will come 1st to me.. depends on which 1 u like.. haha.. =p