Thursday, January 04, 2007

6 Days Seoul/ Nami Island/ Suwon + Ski Tour (Part III)

Day 4 (19th Dec 2006)

After having breakfast at the hotel, we headed to Everland theme park. Everland is a huge theme park, which includes a animal safari, snow sledding, and botanical garden. Everland has three distinct themes, which includes Festival World, Caribbean Bay and Speedway. Too bad, due to the time constraint, we were only able to visit the Festival World. Festival World has a Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure and Zoo-Topia. Each was built with its own uniqueness and style. We visit the Safari World in the Zoo-Topia. Safari World is the only safari complex in the world where lions and tigers coexist. Here, we were able to see the "Liger" (Lion + Tiger) and also bears. Next, we headed to the Snowbuster in the European Adventure. It was an exciting snow sled field and LKC and I were really enjoying ourselves. Since we bought the Big 5 tickets, we were able to play 4 games (1 pass was reserved for the cable car ride). 1 pass had been used for the entrance of the Safari World. LKC doesn't dare to play the roller-coaster and I didn't want to play it myself, so we chose to watch the 3D show at Space Tour, which was showing the Super Hero Sonogong. After that, we walked around the Four Seasons Garden, which is a flower garden full of seasonal flowers, but I didn't see any other flowers except the Christmas trees. Anyway, the decoration was superb. We took the cable car and explored the uphill. At the uphill, the games are more excited as most of the roller coasters are placed here. LKC and I went to Championship Rodeo which is something like the spinning cups in Sunway Lagoon (do they still have it??!!) and also went to the Wonderful Ferris Wheel to have a birds' eyes view of the Everland theme park. After finished utilizing our Big 5 tickets, we walked around the Everland and at the same time took the photos for remembrance. Before leaving Everland, we bought some souvenirs from there. I chose a photo frame, a paper clip and a cacat-sheep soft toy and LKC bought a liger soft toy. Next we headed to lunch somewhere near the Everland theme park. We paid KRW10000 per person for this lunch. Thought it was something special. It was just the same Korean charcoal barbecue that we have back in Malaysia. But one thing good was that it was an unlimited meal, you can add as much meat and side dishes that you wish. It is not counted as per portion like in Malaysia here. After lunch, we headed to the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, which is the official fortress of Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, from the latter days of Joseon Period (1392 - 1910). The fortress wall is 5.52km long but we only walked for 500 meter only. Next, we rushed to catch a non-verbal performance of a dramatization of traditional wedding - "A Wedding in the Snow". It is a story about a parent trying to publicly announce to married their daughter with an underlying intention to gather presents from potential grooms. Next, we headed to the capital of Korea, Seoul and went to the famous Dongdaemun Market for shopping. Dongdaemun is something like our Bukit Bintang, where you can find lots of shopping complexes. We went to the largest shopping complex in Dongdaemun which is called Doota. Their shopping complexes' style is totally different with the shopping centres that we have here. In there, you will not see different shops (with walls in between) inside the shopping centres. It's something like Jaya Jusco or Parkson but the stalls are operated by different people. Did not buy alot from Dongdaemun here, only went to The Skin Food to buy the facial products and a very cheap sweater (cost only KRW 5000, approx RM20). We only managed to walk around the Dongdaemun for less than 2 hours and we headed to have the famous Ginseng Chicken Soup for our dinner. The soup tasted very nice but it was a very big portion for me. I couldn't finish it but still managed to finish up 90% of it. Yummy...slurp slurp!! We stopped at the Itaewon and called it a day. In Itaewon, you will find lots of restaurants and pubs there. Thought of looking for my long-time-no-see friend, Sit, in Itaewon since he told me that he's staying nearby Itaewon, but too bad I only arrived at Itaewon at around 9 something. Missed the chance to meet him in Korea. Anyhow, will still have a chance to go there again!! (I hope)

The very colourful kids lining up to go in to the Everland

At the entrance of Everland Theme Park

Very cute soft toys

At the entrance of Safari World

The bear and the liger (Lion + Tiger)
Posing with the mascots
The super-nice-to-play game, the SnowBusters.

At the Four Season Garden

Taking a cable car ride back to the uphill

At the American Adventure

Taken inside the Wonderful Ferris Wheel
The 30th Birthday Anniversary Cake

At the exist

After shopping, before leaving Everland

The famous Korean charcoal barbecue

At the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

After "A wedding in the snow show", free-of-charge Korean costume trying

At Dongdaemun

Still at Dongdaemun

Chicken Ginseng Soup, Now you you don't