Sunday, January 28, 2007

Just to update

LKC said that I've been very lazy in blogging. Well, honestly, it's not because I'm lazy to blog, it's just that there isn't anything special to blog about. Life is going on as usual, no special things happened. The only difference is that I'VE GOT A NEW PHONE! Finally, made up my mind to get Sony Ericsson K618i and traded in my old Nokia 7610. Sigh...the value of a phone depreciated so fast. Remember the first time I asked about the trade-in price for my 7610, they quoted me RM550. That was just a month ago. The next time I asked, they were only giving me RM450 and that was 2-3 weeks back. When I finally made up my mind to get a new phone and traded-in my old phone, my old phone only worth RM400. What a sad story. Thanks LKC for paying RM700 for the balance of my new phone. Now that I've got a new phone with 3G, anyone who uses 3G may use the video call to call me now. I've never tried the Video Call before. Wonder how weird will it be when you're actually seeing your friend while talking with him/her on the phone.

I've been catching up with the TVB drama lately and I think it's worth to recommend to those of you who enjoys watching the Hong Kong drama. I had already finished watching 賭場風雲 (Dicey Business) and found that this drama is really interesting. It talks about some casino business. Currently I'm watching 突圍行動 (The Brink Law), which is worth watching also because 米雪, whom has been acting as a very good mother, sister, aunty etc all these while, has turned to be a very bad person in this drama. Watch it if you have a chance.