Friday, December 22, 2006

Korea trip 2006

I'm just back from Korea (17th Dec - 21st Dec 2006) and still unpacking my things. So damn lazy to unpack the things...didn't realize I bought so many things from Korea...will upload the photos when I'm free. How was my Korea trip? One word to describe the whole trip -- M-A-R-V-E-L-O-U-S!! Another word to describe it -- S-U-P-E-R-B!! Hahaha...when I was in Korea, I missed Malaysian food. But when I'm back to Malaysia, I miss Korea so much. I miss the environment, I miss the snow, I miss the weather, I miss everything. What I miss the most must be the SNOW. I love snow. We were very lucky as it was just after snowing the moment we stepped on the land of Korea. Managed to play the snow and also caught a glimpse of snowing. It was freaking cold but will never forget this moment.

Will upload the photos when I'm not so lazy. All the photos are so "winter-sonata" and "daejanggum" feel. My sister was asking, if I were given a chance, will I go back to Korea again? Answer is...definitely yes! It is a place worth visiting, but not worth in spending money. Their living expenses are way too high than us. LKC and I went in to a Levis store to check out the price, guess how much does a pair of Levis cost in Korea? It costs around RM 400-500. So damn expensive, I guess we'll be able to get 2 pairs of the same jeans back in Malaysia here with the same amount paid.

We spent less than RM1500 for this whole trip. What we had spend on? Food...a meal at the Hyundai Ski Resort cost us around RM130. The Big5 tickets in Everland cost RM100 per person. The balance of the money are spent on junk food, souvenirs and some beauty products. Guess what I bought the most? Facial masks. It's so damn cheap over there. Some only cost few cents a pack. Remember those that are selling in Sasa...they are selling around RM6-7 per sheet in Sasa, but it only costs less than RM2 in Korea. I've just calculated...I bought 18 sheets of the facial masks and 22 packs of the wash-off and peel-off kind of masks. A lot huh? Enough for my one year supply...hehehe. What else I bought? Some Korean food, eg...seaweed, biscuits and the famous Korean ginseng candies.

Ok, I don't know what am I writing now. It's so disorganized. A little bit of this and a little bit of there. LKC is sleeping very soundly right now and I still haven't taken my shower yet. Better sign off here before I fall asleep. Will right a proper post about my Korea trip when I'm free. Good night everyone and have a happy holiday!!


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Welcome back!!

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