Thursday, December 14, 2006


Sleepless night...that's what I'm having almost every night. I'm currently attached to a never ending project. I thought I could finish this project on last Tuesday. Only God knows why I'm still stucked in this project. Whatever things that can be done had already been done. Whatever things that must be done had be done as well. Though the system has been gone live and there isn't much complains from the users (which shows a good sign), there is still something left has not been done. It's like a piece of missing puzzles. The job will never be completed until I found the missing piece of puzzle.

I really wish to solve this problem before my trip to Korea this Saturday. But I'm really stucked. Can someone guide me on what I'm supposed to do now? Waiting...that's all I can do. Waiting for the SAP to reply, waiting for SAP to come out with some solutions, waiting for someone to guide me, waiting for someone to give me some hints, waiting for the right time...