Friday, December 22, 2006

6 Days Seoul/ Nami Island/ Suwon + Ski Tour (Part I)

Day 1 (16th Dec 2006)
Assembled at KLIA at 7pm and departed to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah before flying to Korea.

Me and LKC at KLIA waiting for boarding.
Me and LKC in a very "pa-riah" airplane (no personal tv, something like AirAsia's airplane)
Me and LKC at Kota Kinabalu International Airport waiting for boarding
Our breakfast on the plane (Cheese omelet with hash brown and sausage)

Day 2 (17th Dec 2006)
Arrived at Incheon International Airport at 7am (Malaysia's time 6am). Was supposed to get on the Gull Ship at Wolmido Island to look around the island but due to the bad weather, the activity was canceled. Next we were brought to the Yangju MBC Daejanggeum Theme Park where the famous Daejanggeum drama was filmed. Next had mushroom steamboat for our lunch. We headed to Nami Island after our lunch. Nami Island is famous for its beautiful tree lined roads and also one of the shooting places for the popular love story drama "Winter Sonata". After that we had our dinner (something pork and squid meal) and headed to Hyundai Sungwoo Ski Resort and called it a day.
Incheon International Airport (just after snowed)
Waiting for the local tour guide to bring us to the busTook this in the bus while on our way to Daejanggeum Theme Park
At Yangju MBC Daejanggeum Theme Park (look at the scenery...marvelous)
At Yangju MBC Daejanggeum Theme ParkInside the "kitchen"With Daejanggeum aka Lee Young Ae

Still in the "theme" park
I love snow, it's so nice

Lying on "a bed of snow"At the MBC Yangjoo Culture Valley

The mushroom steamboatLKC enjoying the mushroom steamboat
It was snowing after our lunch

At Nami Island
Still at Nami Island

We stepped our feet on Nami Island

Playing with the snow

A cup of hot chocolate to keep warm (very expensive, cost KRW3000 ≈ RM12)

Our dinner and a variety of kimchi

Pepero Chocolate Sticks with 东方神起

Some Korean junk food


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