Saturday, March 07, 2009

It's already March!

OMG, it's already March. I didn't know that I've left out this blog for so many days. The last time I blogged was on the last day of February. Time flies so fast. I'm really busy with my online business lately. Till no time to go window shopping, no time to watch TVB drama, no time to talk with LKC. The first thing I'll do when I arrive at home is to turn on the laptop, check and reply all the emails and messages, look for supplier and chat with Pei, my partner, on how we can improve our business.
When he used to be very busy with his own tasks, I was so free. I disturbed him while he worked. I complaint when I had nothing to do. It's the other way round now. He complaint that I missed him out. He complaint that I look at the monitor screen more than him. I guess Soo also complains the same things to Pei lately.
LKC, Soo and Meng are three of our backup bosses. They always go to SG8 (night club with china dolls) together, but always need to get approval from us. The reason that they gave when they required to apply the "permit" from us is "need to talk businesssarghh!!". Since Handy (another partner), Pei and I are still using our other half's money, we got no choice but to approve their "permit".
These 3 guys are so funny. They said our business is so good lately, they will wait for us to expand our business and they'll stop working. They will become our dispatch boys and we will buy a truck for each of them to deliver the products to our customers, with the condition only one day trip. No staying over night at any place.
They'll have to ask money from us to go to SG8 in future. Then we told them back that they got no more excuse to go to SG8 since they do not need to talk about business anymore. It will be the ladies' turn to go out to talk about business. The guys have to stay at home to do all the houseworks...muahaha!!
Oh by the way, we just had our first "company trip" to Kek Lok Cave...hahaha, just kidding. Just went there for a walk after a sinful lunch at Brewster.
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~