Tuesday, March 24, 2009

6 degrees of separation

I feel that the world is really small at times. The contractor that we hire for our house renovation is my old schoolmate's (Pooi Sze) future father-in-law, well if she and his son tie the knot. I didn't know that until the contractor came and took the house keys from us the other day. Pooi Sze followed him along and only we knew it.
And it's so happened that LKC is Pooi Sze's hmmm "bau-bau bacang" relative. LKC's cousin is Pooi Sze's cousin as well.
If I were to link more, then LKC's is Michelle's "bau-bau bacang" relative too. LKC's cousin is Michelle's cousin as well. So in other words, Pooi Sze is Michelle's "bau-bau bacang" (X2) relative as well.
So the equation is something like this now:-

Pooi Sze <-> Gavin (LKC's and Pooi Sze's cousin) <-> LKC <-> Christopher ( LKC's and Michelle's cousin) <-> Michelle

And on my side, Popo is my cousin's cousin as well. We didn't know it either until one of our relative passed away.

So the equation is something like this now:-

Popo <-> my cousin <-> Me

If I were to marry LKC, so indirectly Pooi Sze, Michelle, Popo and I become relative.

This is really what we call 6 degrees of separation (Human Web)?

Signing off,
~ Lisan ~