Saturday, September 27, 2008

The next step

As many of you all have known, LKC has already paid deposit for our house. We paid the deposit on the spot after viewing the unit for less than 30 minutes. It was the best deal we found so far. Though, this is not our dream house (our dream house is at Desa Parkcity) but this is already very good enough for the two of us to stay for the next couple of years to come.
Everyone has been very supportive so far. Sis has been giving her professional advise on the home loans and giving us ideas on how to renovate the house. Dad has been very supportive in terms of financial though my Ipoh house renovation has caused and is still causing a big hole in his pocket. Bro has been asking me where he should stay when he goes to KL, at sis's place or at my place. LKC's dad and grandma have been very supportive too in terms of financial.
Both LKC and I are a bit hesitate to accept the offer that both our parents offered. Dad offered to give me a big sum of money, which can cover 1/3 of the loan amount. LKC's dad and grandma offered to give us money enough to pay for house renovation. With the sum that both our families are offering, we can actually goyang kaki and need not worry about anything at all.
I want to get a designer to design my house, have a big LCD tv for our new house, a good set of home theatre system that is loud enough to be heard from our neighbour's house, a two door fridge that can fit in the whole Tesco, a Slumberland/ SweetDreams/ GoodNite or whatever brands of mattress that costs few grands, a build-in wardrobe with tempered glass sliding doors, a set of Cellini/ Lorenzo sofa, coffee table and dining table, plastic ceiling for at least the living + dining room and the master bedroom, a home-office set for the study + store room, a set of kitchen cabinet with marble top, a dryer + washing machine and etc.
Who doesn't want all these things honestly? But is this really what we want? Asking money from parents to get our house decorated to make it looks like a million dollars house?
Signing off,
~ Lisan ~


FaYeee said...

I understand how that feels, be able to pay for monthly installments means no money saved for reno right?
well, at least Ivan's side are supporting. Juvin? *sigh* it's not the area his parents wanted at all! I think we'll just buy 2 sleeping bag when we move in *lolz*

Lisan said...

Faye...I think you've got me wrong. I'm glad that both our parents are supporting us, but this is not exactly what we want.
We WANT to have our house decorated with all the designers' brands and stuff. But is it our NEED now? It's between WANT vs NEED now. It's something for us to properly plan what we want and what we need.
You're lucky to have your parents to help you, but I guess it is not so fair for you to say that Juvin's parents don't support at all. Do you feel proud to tell people that your house is actually bought by your parents?
We are all grown up now. Do we really need to accept the offers from our parents all the time? Anyway, it's just my own opinion. Not trying to offence anyone here.

genuiness said...

On the issue of the house being bought by parents... think of it as a vv low interest loan la! Speaking from my family's experience, my grandma bought our house for my dad, but my dad insisted on paying back for the house in installments. That way say during a certain month if money is tight you won't hv the bank breathing down your neck trying to reposess everything!

definitely invest in a good bed tho. You spend 1/3rd of your life on it ok! Forgo all the shit like LCD TV etc. Allow that stuff 10 yrs down the line when you hv repaid for ur house and u are earning bigger bucks.

Anyways just my 2 cents

Lisan said...

Thanks KC for the valuable advice. There are pros and cons for it. Depends on which angles you are looking from. To me, I think it's the time for me to repay my parents now rather than asking for more money from them.

FaYeee said...