Saturday, April 05, 2008

Indulgence Restaurant and Living

Indulgence Restaurant and Living
Indulgence Restaurant and Living is one of the finest dining place you can find in the small town of Ipoh. Previously located at Canning Garden, this award winning restaurant serves exceptional modern European food. This wasn't my first visit to this fine dining restaurant. Celebrated my 25th birthday with LKC last year where we only had the desserts.

On my last weekend trip back to Ipoh, we visited this restaurant again for brunch. This time, we ordered a main course and a dessert. We had Blizzard as the main course and fudge on fudge brownie for dessert.

We had this Blizzard pasta, which was served with creamy fish roe (ebikko) sauce. Topped with beef bacon and scallops, this pasta tasted really yummy. It was worthy paying RM38 for this pasta. The scallops were wrapped around something tasted like noodles and deep fried till brownish. The sauce was really creamy but it's better to be shared with someone as you'll feel too cheesy after a while.

Fudge on fudge
Priced at RM6, this chocolate brownie tasted nothing much special. It wasn't too sweet, just nice for the taste buds. The strawberry that was topped on the brownie reminds me of the sweet juicy strawberries that I had when I was studying in Australia.

Clean, quiet and peaceful

Wines corner

Desserts corner
Indulgence Restaurant & Living
14, Jalan Raja Dihilir,
30350 Ipoh, Perak.


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