Saturday, April 12, 2008

Birthday present wish list

Thanks Sabrina for the offer of your iTouch. I've got myself a pink rose PSP. RM50 cheaper than your iTouch...hehehe. Will update soon on my PSP. Busy playing with the games now. Btw, if anyone knows any websites I can download free PSP games, do drop me the links. Thanks a lot!

I'm gonna make some wishes since my birthday is just around the corner now. Hopefully my wishes will be granted by someone *pray hard hard*

Wish no. 1
I need a device whereby I can use for listening to mp3, watching videos, playing games and also wifi enabled. I thought of getting Apple iTouch for quite some time already but very reluctant in getting it because of the price. The price for an 8GB iTouch costs RM1339, 16GB is RM1739 and 32GB priced at RM1939. RM1339 just to buy a device is way too expensive. What if they launch iPhone few months after I purchase the iTouch?

I found an alternative for iTouch, though I can't do so much with this device but it suits my requirements. Yes...I'm eyeing on Sony PSP now. It's almost half the price of an iTouch. I can listen to the mp3 while taking train to work. I can play some games when I'm bored. I can go online whenever there's wi-fi connection. I can watch some movies/ videos when I don't have time to watch TV.
Pink rose
Ceramic White

So which colour is nicer? Pink rose or ceramic white?

Wish no.2
Airplane ticket + tour package + all expenses paid trip to Krabi. After visiting Bali last month, I really love beach holiday whereby I can really relax myself throughout the whole trip. Been reading a lot of blogs and sites featuring Krabi recently, the place seems to be very nice and beautiful. Clear water and white sand. Where can you find such places in Malaysia?
Wanted to go to Krabi on my birthday but due to last minute plan I couldn't plan much on this. The airplane ticket itself can cost a big hole on my pocket. Later on, I planned to go to Pulau Langkawi instead, which we thought might be cheaper. After doing all the calculation, airplane ticket + accomodation + yacth day cruise (this is expensive, RM290 per pax), we'll have to fork out RM2000 for a 3D2N trip to Langkawi which is toooo expensive.

Wish no.3
Yes I know I bought my digi cam not so long ago, but it is not really what I want. I always want to have a Digital SLR camera to take nice photos. Would also like to take some short photography course to brush up my photography skill. I don't need a very high-end DSLR camera right now, something for novice users will be good enough at the moment.

So, please make my wishes come true! I know I should only make wish on my birthday, but I'm hoping to get all these on my birthday. Just pretend that these wishes were made on my last year's birthday...hehehe.

Happy birthday to myself...!!


sabsab said...

babe, if u don't mind 2nd-hand item.. i'm selling my iPod Touch at RM900. keen? hehe.. may your birthday wishes come true k! *psst* to your lkc!

Anonymous said...

erm......................... got some cheaper wish ar?? *gulp*

Jess said...

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