Friday, May 04, 2007

Thank you!!

Just wanna take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent me wishes, present and also for the dinner for my 2007 birthday. Thanks a lot for spending sometime with me to celebrate my special day.

Especially thanks to Chun Nee, Cheng Ghee, Yee How, Hock Yeong and Alvin for celebrating our birthday (Fpin, Lala, CC and myself) at the Vietnam Kitchen.

Also thanks to Ah Soo for the dim sum breakfast at Foh San.

Not to forget, thanks to LKC for the sweet meal at the Indulgence, though the tiramisu tasted just like coffee bread and the mango galore cake seemed to be few days old. I still enjoyed myself that night.

Last but not least, thanks to Paullie, Michelle, Sabrina, Jaze, Sit, Fah Fah, Faye, Juvin, Sze Hoo, Manfred and Swee Kuan for the dinner at Nando's, the present and also the drinking session.



Survon said...

You are WELCOME !!!

Happy Belated Birthday, again !