Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Mama's Day

Hello to all the sons and daughters in the world,

Don't you know the Mother's Day is just around the corner? Mother's Day falls on the 2nd Sunday of the month of May (for Malaysia). Refer to here for the Mother's Days in various parts of the world. Have you got anything for your mummy dearest?

When I was small, I remember getting my mum some clay toys, which I feel that it didn't serve any purpose to my mum. The reason why I was getting it was because I liked the toys. The toys are now ended up in my room instead of in my mum's room.

As I was getting older, I knew what is suitable for mum. I started to buy something that mum would love to get. For the past hmmm....n years, I have been buying perfumes and wallets in every alternate Mother's Day.

As usual, mum was expecting some perfume from me this year when I called her last few days that I got a present for her. I surprised her when I told her that it's neither perfume nor wallet this year. I never told her what I got for her on the phone. I asked LKC to bring it back to Ipoh and deliver the present to my home. When LKC delivered the present to my home and told mum what I got for her, mum was very happy, I think, because I got something which is very very useful for her. Something that will ease her work.

I found out that the present that I got for mum did not just make her feel happy, in fact it made everyone happy at home (except cid-cey-ceow, she's too young to know the purpose of it). Normally, when I purchased something for mum, like the perfume or wallet I mentioned earlier, bro will be making a lot of noises saying this and that, but not time this. In fact, he was helping mum to think where to put the present either on the table or stack it on top of something. I guess my dad will be the happiest person to see this present as well. We used to have it at home also but it was spoiled few months back. Mum never got a new one after that. Everyone is so not used to it when the thing spoiled. They will have to find another way which is more troublesome. Especially dad, he has to rely on mum to do it instead of doing it himself because my dad is a lazy bum!!

Anyway, just hoping that mum will be happy to get this present. I guess mum will be happy when everyone is happy. Happy Mother's Day, mum!! Love you heaps!!


Survon said...

So what did you get for her???