Saturday, April 14, 2007


Hopefully I still remember the meanings for each. There you go...

1.a: Paper cup - A playboy type of person.
1.b: Wooden cup - A practical type of person.
1.c: Crystal glass - A materialistic type of person.

2.a: Swallow sword - Your expect something that is impossible to happen.
2.b: Perform a ballet dance - You have a very high expectation, but yet it "might" be able to achieve.
2.c: Cycling - You are expecting something more reasonable.

3.a: A very rough beach - You are very "active" in sex.
3.b: A very calm beach - You will find sex a boring activity.
3.c: A very beautiful mermaid singing by the seaside - You don't find any excitement on bed. You need to have some imagination to satisfy yourself.

4. The number of candles that you expect to see means the number of partner/s that you want at the same time.