Friday, March 30, 2007

Some psychology test

Was having my company's quarterly dinner just now and Jeff, our walking dictionary in the office was playing with us with a psychology test. Here are the questions:-

You are in a grand ball room and a waiter is serving you a drink (it can be anything you would like to drink). The drink is served with three different types of cup/ glass. Which one will you pick?
a: Paper cup
b: Wooden cup
c: Crystal glass

You're going to get your car after the dinner. While you're walking towards your car, you see a performer walking with a white fur monkey. Since you have nothing to do, you plan to give 10 bucks to this performer to ask his monkey to have a performance. What kind of performance you would like to see from this monkey?
a: Swallow sword (those that you can see from kung fu shows)
b: Perform a ballet dance
c: Cycling

After the performance, you're driving back home. There's a very nice beach on your way home. What's your first impression of the beach?
a: Very rough beach
b: Very calm beach
c: A very beautiful mermaid singing by the seaside

After you passed by the beach, you see a hut on your way home. You decided to stop your car and go in to the hut to have a look. It's very very dark inside. There's no power supply inside the hut. Suddenly there is some lights from some lighted candles. How many candle/candles do you expect?

Try this. I'll reveal the meaning of the answers in my next post.


Survon said...

My answer is C, B, B, One

Survon said...

Eh....WHERE'S THE RESULT !!!????