Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No updates from me lately? Well, nothing much special happened to me lately. Was just a bit busy on the last weekend as I had to travel to Port Klang since last Wednesday till last Monday to support one of the customer there. The project shouldn't be difficult, but I do not have the experience on doing any migration, I made mistakes along the way and always got problems here and there. I was lucky though, I always have someone to support and help me to walk through this path and someone to guide me along the way. Thanks to LKC for all the supports that he gave. Thanks to Tarmizee for all the advices and helps that he gave. Really appreciate that very much. I did not just gain experience on my work, I gained experience in communicating with different level of people. It was a very good exposure to me to work on this project but am I really suitable to work in Basis? Do I like Basis? This is a very big question that I keep on asking myself. I'm not very sure honestly. Reason why I have all these kind of questions suddenly pop-up is because Basis is a very stressful job. You're chasing against the time. If you're given 10 hours to finish the job, that's it. Basis can be a very relaxing job if there isn't any problems in the system. It will be the most stressful job when there is something goes wrong in the system. Who will be the first to blame when thing goes wrong? That is Basis. Who screwed the system? Basis.
What is on my mind now? To continue as a Basis or try other area like ABAP (programming) or Functional instead? Hmm...totally stay out of SAP? Lately I've been thinking alot on having my own business. What kind of business that I would like to own? A nursery cum kindergarten in Klang Valley, a futsal court in Ipoh, a kopitiam in some business centre or the best part is to be a full-time housewife. Which one is actually the closest to my realization? None!! Sigh...better go to sleep earlier and have a sweet dreams...hehehe...good night everyone!