Friday, November 10, 2006

Bloody broadband!

Does anyone notice that the Streamyx quality is getting worse lately? I do. I'm currently subsribe to the 512kbps speed but I feel like I'm using the dial-up like the olden days. I always having the problem of loading the page or it takes forever just to load a single page. Since Streamyx introduced the new RM77 package on the last festive season, I guess many people took this opportunity to subscribe or to upgrade their existing broadband service. When more and more people are using broadband and Streamyx never take the initiative to upgrade their services. Who will suffer in the end? The end-users like us. Though we're paying the same amount that we were paying one to two years ago, the quality of the service is getting worse and worse. I used to have the speed up to 57kbps for downloading few months back, but what I'm having now is less than half of it, only 14kbps. Sigh....this is what I don't like in Malaysia. Let me recall back what I learnt in my Economics. When demand increases --> Supply increases. Am I correct? But in Malaysia, when demand increases --> Supply remains unchange. They're earning more and more money as more and more subcribers subcribed to their service. They never thought of improving themselves so that the users will be very happy using their services. They only think of MONEY, MONEY and MONEY!!