Friday, January 13, 2006


I was having lunch with Fei Yee (as usual) and Judy just now. Judy was saying that she feels sleepy after lunch. So do I. But Fei Yee suddenly came out a point saying that if she were allowed to surf the net whole day (during working hours, of course), she won't feel sleepy at all. So I asked her a question, what's so nice? I can surf the net whole day, but there isn't any nice websites for me to surf. I still feel sleepy. So, now I'm back from lunch. I was too free. I actually tried to find out what are the websites that I will always go when I'm connected to the Internet. What are the screens that I'll look at everyday. And I actually found out that I'm a quite routine kinda person.
Here are some of the screenshots that I'll look at in normal working days...
Morning...when I arrive in F&N
Telnet to the servers and do df -g (Unix command) to check the filesystem of the servers in F&N
Connect to MSN to check out who is online
Login to SAP system of F&N and perform my daily tasks
Xandria remote monitoring, one of the screen that I have to monitor frequently.
While working and "curi tulang" at the same time, I'll surf the net...these are the sites that I'll surf everyday. - Need to find out what's going on in the nation, ok?
Check company emails. Very hardly receive emails, the emails that I receive in this accounts are mostly from my LKC. This is one of the way we communicate with each other during working hours. What to do, he can't use MSN, so have to use emails to "chat" with him. - After checking "company mails", it's time to check for my personal emails.
Sap Service Marketplace - this is one of the place where I'll refer to when I encounter any problems regarding SAP or when I'm too free and want to find something to read. - who doesn't login to friendster nowadays? - how can you see this blog if I don't login to this site?
After working, when I am at home... - This is where I download the TVB dramas and latest's illegal.
BitComet - this is the program that I'm using to download the dramas and music.
Oh only I realized that I'm such a routine kinda person. Oh yeah...not to forget...I do visit some friends' blogs, but there are quite a number of it, very lazy to do the screenshots... hehehe...


Survon said...

Oh...I could see my Away status in MSN. I'm sure I was still sleeping when you had your lunch...

I suppose everyone in the office will have the same routine tasks during working days.

So do I... :(

SweetSourBitter said...

Wah.. didn't know you can download stuffs there :P