Sunday, January 08, 2006

Home Sweet Home!

"There is no place like home".

This is the best phrase to describe how I am feeling now. I'm back to Ipoh since Thursday. You must be thinking...Thursday?? Not need to work meh?? Yes, that's right. NO NEED TO WORK. Nahh...not because I'm being fired or holiday or whatsoever of reasons. It's just that I'm on MC leave. You must be thinking again...This Lisan must be cheating for MC again. Ahem...I need to clarify this...I ain't lazy, I ain't cheating for MC. I was forced to go on MC..."thanks" to the Project Manager. I "was" and actually "am" still having flu, cough and sore throat. To be honest, I was fit for work but with just some coughing once in a few minutes. No big deal right? But "thanks" to the "kiasi"ness (afraid of dying, in case you don't understand Hokkien) of the PM, he forced me to go on MC...worrying that I will spread the germs to him. Oh gosh...are you that weak? In a sense, it was good to go on MC as who doesn't like holidays? Right? But in another sense, I felt bad also as I already on-leave for the past few days due to my sickness. But I couldn't do anything since he called to the HR and informed them that I was "really" sick. So, I just followed as what he said. Went to a medical centre in Tmn Tun...OMG, for the first time in my life, I paid RM89 for the consultation and medicines....soooo expensive. But luckily, can claim the company...hehehe.

CNY is coming...that means it's the time for me to do something to my hair. For the past few years, I straightened my hair and trimmed a bit here and there. So as this year...straightened my hair but with one exceptional. Not just trimmed, but cut my fringe. Have a look at my latest hairstyle and give an opinion. I feel that I look quite fat in the photo. Do I?


Survon said... cute...

now you look 3 years younger

SweetSourBitter said...

leng lui! Nice haircut :)